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AWS announces Digital Sovereignty Pledge to protect customers assets


In a bid to give its customers more control over their digital assets, Web Services (AWS), the Cloud arm of Amazon, has announced ‘Digital Sovereignty Pledge,’ a commitment to offer its customers the most advanced set of sovereignty controls and features available in the cloud.

Customers have always controlled the location of their data with AWS. For example, currently in Europe, customers have the choice to deploy their data into any of eight existing AWS Regions.

“We commit to deliver even more services and features to protect our customers’ data. We further commit to expanding on our existing capabilities to provide even more fine-grained data residency controls and transparency. We will also expand data residency controls for operational data, such as identity and billing information,” said Matt Garman, SVP of AWS Sales, Marketing and Global Services.


Customers are facing an incredible amount of complexity, and over the last 18 months, “many have told us they are concerned that they will have to choose between the full power of AWS and a feature-limited sovereign cloud solution that could hamper their ability to innovate, transform, and grow”,” Garman added during the AWS ‘Re: Invent 2022’ summit.

Currently, AWS gives customers features and controls to encrypt data, whether in transit, at rest, or in memory.

All AWS services already support encryption, with most also supporting encryption with customer managed keys that are inaccessible to AWS.

“We commit to continue to innovate and invest in additional controls for sovereignty and encryption features so that our customers can encrypt everything everywhere with encryption keys managed inside or outside the AWS Cloud,” said Garman.

The company said it will continue to enhance its range of sovereign and resilient options, allowing customers to sustain operations through disruption or disconnection.

“We commit to continuing to provide the transparency and business flexibility needed to meet evolving privacy and sovereignty laws,” it added.



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