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Discord to soon expand ‘Connections’ by rolling out ‘Linked Roles’ feature


Chat platform Discord nnounced that it is expanding its ‘Connections’ feature by soon rolling out ‘Linked Roles’, a new type of role that is created by authenticating players’ profiles with an account outside of the platform.

Over 20 official Connections will roll out with new functionality across the next few weeks, from categories like gaming, social, fitness, finance and art, the company said in a blogpost on Monday.

With ‘Linked Roles’, players will have the choice to show off all the official Connections directly on their profile and even certain details from certain connected accounts, such as follower count and site activity.

“These Connections can then be utilised by community moderators and admins to build or grant new Linked Roles that can provide access to special channels and added safety within their server,” the platform said.

It will make it easier for users to build trust in the interactions they are having, so that they can feel confident that the person they are chatting with is not a fraud.

Therefore, Connections will help to reduce the chance of falling for scams and false identities.

“A Connection is a way to display account information on your Discord by linking to it. You link your accounts by signing into them, verifying that you own them in the process,” Discord explained.

“We wanted to take authentication a step further by allowing these external identities to share extra info from your Connections,” it added.



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