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Havells Studio Meditate air purifier launched in India: Price, specs & more


Havells Studio made its debut in the segment with the launch of the Meditate. Priced at Rs 64,900, the will be available on e-commerce platform in silver satin colour. According to Havells Studio, the is tested and verified by Equinox lab for efficacy against removal of hazardous gaseous pollutants as well as micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses and fungal strains.

“Our commitment to innovation, quality, and going beyond the ordinary has inspired us to create exceptional products that fit seamlessly into our consumers’ lives, and our latest product, Meditate is a testament to that,” said Anil Rai Gupta, CMD, .

Meditate Air Purifier: Features

This air purifier features a 6-layer filtration system with Havells’ ‘SpaceTech’ to remove the impurities. The filtration system has a pre-filtration mesh to clean the air from visible impurities, followed by HEPA filter and granular activated carbon filter to remove fine particulate matter and clean the air from odour and harmful gases. In the second stage of filtration, the air purifier uses photo-catalytic oxidation, which degenerates the viruses, bacteria and hazardous gases by exposing the air to specific wavelengths of light.

The Havells Studio Meditate comes with a portable AQI monitor, which has touch buttons for power, modes, and toggle. The display shows parameters like air quality, battery life and fan speed. It is removable and doubles up as a remote for real time air quality monitoring as well as controlling the device. It supports wireless charging, IoT, and Alexa and Google home. The air purifier is supported by the Havells Studio app for predictive analysis of air quality, filter life indicator, and notification. It also allows for scheduling (automated on and off).


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