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Here is what exit polls predict for Gujarat, Himachal, Delhi civic body


Exit poll projections on and assembly 2022 and Municipal Corporation of (MCD) polls were revealed on Monday. Majority surveys predicted a win for the Bharatiya Janata Party in while most of them gave an edge to it in Himachal Pradesh, indicating re- of the ruling party in both states.

Several survey agencies, including BARC, India News-Jan Ki Baat, ABP-CVoter, India Today-Axis My India, Republic-PMARQ, NDTV-poll of exit polls, Zee News-Exit Poll 2022 among others, on Monday shared their exit poll results.

Gurajat exit poll results:

According to NDTV’s poll of exit polls, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is predicted to win a consecutive seventh term in .

TV9 has predicted the following distribution of seats in Gujarat:

BJP: 125-130 seats

Congress: 40-50 seats

AAP: 3-5 seats

Others: 03-07 seats

P-MARQ projected seat distribution in the following manner:

BJP: 128-148 seats

Congress: 30-42 seats

AAP: 2-10 seats

India Today’s Axis My India predicts massive win for BJP in Gujarat with 46 per cent vote share- 129-151 seats in 182-member assembly.

exit poll results:

NDTV’s poll of has predicted BJP’s win in the Assembly .

The exit poll conducted by BARC has predicted that the BJP will win in Himachal Pradesh. Here is a breakdown of the results:

BJP: 35-40 seats

Congress: 20-25 seats

AAP: 0-3 seats

Others: 1-5 seats

According to Zee Exit Poll 2022, the vote share in HP wil be:

BJP: 47%

Congress: 41%

AAP: 2%

Others: 10%

As per Today’s Chanakya exit poll results, Himachal will likely see a hung assembly, with the BJP and the Congress getting stuck at 33 seats in the 68-member assembly.

Here’s the vote share projection

BJP: 42% ± 3%

Cong: 42% ± 3%

Others: 16% ± 3%

According to TimesNow-ETG’s exit poll, following will be the seat share:

BJP: 38

Congress: 28

AAP: 0

Others: 2


The Aam Aadmi Party is expected to win the civic body polls, BJP’s first defeat there after 15 years, according to NDTV’s poll of .

India Today Axis My India has predicted the seat distribution in the following manner:

AAP: 149-171 wards

BJP: 69-91 seats

Congress: 3-7 seats

Others: 5-9 seats

According to ETG-TNN, the seat will be divided as follows:

AAP: 146-156 seats

BJP: 84-94 seats

Congress: 6-10 seats

Others:00-04 seats

According to ABP-CVoter exit poll, BJP is set to win 128-140 seats, Congress to get 31-43 seats and AAP to secure 3-11 seats.

Voting in the two-phase Gujarat Assembly ended on Monday while in Himachal Pradesh polling concluded on November 12. In both states, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Congress, and Aam Aadmi Party are in a close race in both states (AAP). The results of the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly will be declared on December 8. The voting for Delhi MCD was conducted on December 5 and the result is scheduled to be declared on December 7.

About exit polls

An exit poll asks voters which political party they are supporting after they have cast their votes in an . It differs from an opinion survey that is conducted before elections. An exit poll is intended to reveal the direction of the where the elections are headed, as well as the issues, personalities, and allegiances that have affected voters.

In India nowadays, a variety of firms, usually collaboration with media organisations, conduct . The surveys can be completed online or in person. It should be noted that exit poll predictions can be wrong.


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