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How to check pension status on EPFO portal: Here’s a step-by-step guide


When the Employees’ Scheme (EPS) pensioners retire, they are allotted a 12-digit Payment Order (PPO) number. The PPO code is unique for every Employee (EPF) subscriber or pensioner and it works as a reference number for any communication made to the Central Accounting Office (CPAO).

With the help of the 12-digit PPO number, EPS subscribers can check their pension status on the Employees’ Organisation (EPFO) website.

What is Pension Payment Order (PPO)?

According to the CPAO, “In each PPO, the first five digits indicate the code number of the PPO Issuing Authority, the next two digits indicate the year of the issue, the next four digits refer to the sequential number of the PPO and the last digit is a check digit for the purpose of the computer.

For example, a PPO bearing number 709650601302 implies that PPO has been issued by AG Madhya Pradesh, in the year 2006 and is the 130th PPO issued by that PPO issuing authority, and is allotted computer code-2″.

A PPO number can also be used to make payment enquiries and lodge grievances on the portal.

When you apply for a pension or submit an annual life certificate, a 12-digit PPO number is required. In fact, it is not possible to transfer a account from one bank branch to another without a PPO number.

Steps to check pension status on EPFO

Visit the official website of

Click on ‘Pensioners’ Portal’ under ‘Online Services’ on the homepage

A new page ‘Welcome to Pensioners’ Portal’ will appear

Click on ‘Know Your Pension Status’ option on the left panel

Choose your office location under the ‘Issued Office’ dropdown

Enter your Office ID and PPO No and then click on ‘get status’ option

How to find the PPO number?

Any pensioner can get the PPO number using either the bank account number or number.

On the ‘Welcome to Pensioners’ Portal’ page, click on ‘Know your PPO No.’

Submit either the bank account number or member ID ( number)

After successful submission, a PPO number will appear on the screen

Under the EPS, workers get a monthly pension from the age of 58 years until death. The pension amount is based on a formula with pensionable salary being the monthly basic pay plus dearness allowance averaged over the last 60 months of a worker’s service.

What is EPFO?

EPFO is the country’s principal organisation responsible for providing social security benefits to the organised/semi-organised sector workforce covered under the purview of & MP Act, 1952. It offers members a myriad of services, which includes a provident fund, insurance and pension both for members and their families.

The Employees’ came into existence with the promulgation of the Employees’ Provident Funds Ordinance on the 15th November, 1951.

What is

Some portion of your salary is deposited into your Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) account every month. Employees are entitled to receive this amount post-retirement or after a certain period of time.

EPF is a mandatory savings scheme started under the Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. The employee and the employer contribute to the scheme on a monthly basis in equal proportion. The scheme covers all organisations in which 20 or more people are employed.


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