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India taking over G20 presidency watershed moment: PM’s principal secy


The prime minister’s principal secretary P K Mishra on Thursday described taking over the G-20 presidency as a “watershed moment” and said it is our responsibility to showcase the country in “the most rightful ways befitting her stature and glory”.

Holding the meeting at 56 different locations in the country will ensure that the pan- nature of event is truly showcased, he said, adding that every state government, Union territory and citizen is a stakeholder in the process of India’s presidency.

has as much uniqueness as it has diversity. We have a responsibility to bring out the best traditions of India before the world,” Mishra said in his address at the University Connect: Engaging Young Minds programme to mark the occasion.

India has got a glorious opportunity to host the largest multilateral event on its soil, he said, according to a statement.

“G-20 presidency is an opportunity to present the diversity that is India to the outside world. Universities can train students about local history and important landmarks, art-forms and other cultural traditions of their area,” Mishra said.

Such students can then be a part of organising meetings and in guiding foreign delegates, he said.

Apart from places of historical, economic and cultural importance, there could be immersive experiences like nature walks, village visits, visits to weekly and local markets, the official told the audience comprising university students in large numbers.

“Universities can select bright students and train them in being rapporteurs of sessions,” he added.

Noting that the world is passing through challenging times, Mishra said it also offered opportunities and India has taken the lead in the global sphere to spearhead the transition towards cleaner sources of energy.

“Our global initiatives such as One Sun One World One Grid and the International Solar Alliance have been complemented by our domestic commitment for achieving 50 per cent installed electricity capacity through non-fossil sources. If a country such as ours shows the way then the world will have to follow,” he said.

Noting that the G-20 presidency has been passed onto India during its “Amritkaal”, a term used by Prime Minister to define the period leading to the country’s indepdencne centenary, he said the related events related to the exercise should showcase a glimpse of our tradition of “Atithi Devo Bhavah” (guests are Gods).

He noted that PM Modi has stressed the importance of forward-looking actions but with firm roots in our culture and recalled the launch of ‘Mission Lifestyle for Environment’ in the presence of the UN secretary general.

“This LiFE Mission is one such mantra we have given to the world,” Mishra said.

The Unified Payment Interface (UPI), pioneered by India, is another example of how Indian solutions have the potential to come to the aid of the world, he said.

“Our evolving experience with bridging the domestic digital divide can provide valid lessons to the international community to bridge the global digital divide,” he said.

The vibrant start-up eco-system in the country is evidence that sky is the limit as far as the youth are concerned, he added, noting that India is currently ranked third globally in its fintech strength after the USA and China.

Under Modi, India has continuously moulded its policies to suit the needs of its youth and the National Education Policy 2020 is a holistic and futuristic policy based on the foundational principles of access, equality, quality, affordability and accountability, he said. PTI

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