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Microland launches ‘Climate Smart Schools’ to nurture climate champions


/ — Microland Foundation, a dedicated social development arm of Microland Limited, in partnership with local NGOs in Coonoor is fostering and promoting Environmental stewardship, believing it to be an integral long-term medium to build a healthy, sustainable community. From integrated waste management to introducing students to concepts and ideas on sustainable food production, water and energy conservation, these programmes have been not only been manifold & multilayered but also contextual to their local communities.

In partnership with Keystone Foundation & Department of Education, 10 Climate schools were inaugurated in a multi-stakeholder meet held on 12th December, 2022.

Mr. Sugumar, Deputy Inspector, Department of Education, Tamil Nadu, expressed his joy on the occasion, “Nilgiris district has led the way by launching ‘Climate Smart School’ which is an innovative partnership between Department of Education, Microland Foundation, and Keystone Foundation. is real and building awareness on initiatives to mitigate the impact on the planet is a necessary skill for the future. In fact, in partnership with Microland Foundation, the Department of is working on many programmes with a view of enhancing future skills, spanning across English fluency to digital literacy. We are excited and happy to see the progress in all these programmes.”

Kalpana Kar, Trustee Microland Foundation, elaborating on the model of Climate Smart Schools, stated, “As part of the initiative, an integrated Climate Curriculum has been developed, and is being implemented with an inter-disciplinary Live Lab Approach. Specially trained local nature educators are working closely with selected schools to teach through demonstrable models of weather stations installed in the schools. These automated weather stations (installed by Mobitech), and Lab Kitchen Gardens, energy efficient devices, and water conservation devices – everything together constitutes the curriculum. These installations serve to conduct activities as part of this innovative climate curriculum to engage children in real Climate-change conversations and encourage them to monitor their school weather patterns and dialogue with their parents and elders.”

Dr. Anita Varghese, Director, Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change, expressed Keystone Foundation’s commitment to build climate resilience and socio-ecological development in the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve (NBR), “Keystone Foundation has been working in the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve for 29 years now. In the recent past, climate related disasters have impacted the region greatly and we would like to increase the children’s awareness on the state of the environment. For the same, Climate Smart School Project is initiated in the Nilgiris in close partnership with Microland Foundation. The project is in progress with over half a year of engagement with the Schools administration. At this juncture, we have embarked on understanding and evaluating the lessons, challenges, and successes, and plan to share the results with the wider ecosystem in NBR.”

K. Dhevendhiran, Human Resource Manager, Mobitech Wireless Solution Pvt. Ltd., stated “At Mobitech, our work revolves around wireless solutions for farmers with sustainable innovative infrastructure & for the current project we have installed weather stations at 10 schools which are monitored through a Mobile app. We are excited to be a part of this project to embed technology to tell stories and use data as evidence for change and demonstrate the need for proactive actions.”

Microland Foundation has established its presence in the Nilgiris District with several initiatives and invites partnership from academia, corporate funders, government agencies, and individuals to develop a beneficial long-term collaboration. The Foundation has also been at the forefront of improving the state of in the Nilgiris and its surrounding areas by providing guidance and support for students in need.

About Microland

Microland’s delivery of digital and “Making Digital Happen” allows technology to do more and intrude less. We make it easier for enterprises to adopt NextGen Digital infrastructure. We enable this using our expertise in Cloud and Data Centres, Networks, Digital Workplace, Cybersecurity and Industrial IoT ensuring the embrace of brilliance is predictable, reliable and stable.

In the COVID-19 impacted world, Microland is making digital happen for enterprises with a laser focus on services that are more relevant to our clients and prospects than ever before.

Incorporated in 1989 and headquartered in Bengaluru, India, Microland has more than 5,000 digital specialists across offices and delivery centres in Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East and North America.

Read more here: https://www.microland.com/

About Microland Foundation

Microland Foundation has been established as a dedicated social development arm, forging meaningful partnerships to conceptualize and implement projects that solve society’s most pressing problems. A CSR Board of distinguished professionals bring deep developmental sector expertise and digital inventiveness along with dedicated employees championing our initiatives to form an advantageous and conducive ecosystem for the Foundation’s operations. We are dedicated to uplifting and empowering lives with a bottom up and collaborative approach while promising long-term commitment to issues and sectors.

All social activities of the Microland Foundation are effectuated keeping the community at the heart of Microland’s CSR endeavours.

Media Contact: madhurdh@microland.com

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