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Microsoft Teams gets instant polls, schedule send, other features: Details


American giant rolled out several updates to its enterprise-centric communication platform Teams. The updates bring new features such as schedule messages, instant polls, unread toggle, schedule send, and more. Here is a quick summary of new features now available on Teams:

Instant polls

Team allows its users to run polls in the chats. The instant poll feature allows users to create quick polls with binary answer options, such as Yes and No. To do so, all they have to do is to say the question aloud and then click the corresponding response icon.

49 video view

The earlier version of the Teams had support for a maximum of nine videos (3×3) on the screen by default. Now, Teams support up to 7×7 view for 49 people on screen. It essentially means users can now set-up team to see up to 49 people on the screen by default.

Transcription on Android

For Android users, Teams has introduced ‘Transcription’ feature for one-on-one calls and group calls.

Schedule send

Microsoft added the schedule send feature to the Teams. It allows users to manually select the future date and time, depending on when they would like a chat message to be delivered. To do so, users need to opt for schedule send and then simply right-click the send button to schedule send.

Search message results

This feature allows users to view the entire message thread, regardless of the age of the message, if they click on the chat message search. The aim of this feature is to give users full context and clarity of the conversation, without entering each conversation separately.

Unread toggle

This feature helps users to check all the unread chat by turning on the toggle in their activity feed panel. Alternatively, users will also be able to turn off the unread toggle to view both read and unread chats.


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