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Mondelez Intl expands multi-year cybersecurity contract with HCLTech


IT major said on Monday that it has expanded its multi-year contract with Mondelez International for the provision of services and for the digital transformation of the global food and beverage company’s workplace.

Mondelez International has deployed HCLTech’s BigFix platform to automate the discovery and remediation of potential vulnerabilities, and to ensure that all endpoints, including servers, mobile devices, and laptops, are continuously secured and compliant. BigFix is an endpoint management platform that allows IT Operation teams to continuous compliance and intelligent automation. The teams can manage nearly 100 operating system versions with streamlined management processes, tool consolidation, and reduced operating costs.

will also deploy its automation and (AI) capabilities to enable Mondelez International to provide an intuitive, on-demand personalised user experience and accelerated issue resolution to its 110,000 plus across 79 countries. In addition, will create a digital experience office to support the continuous improvement and automation of the employee experience at Mondelez International.

“Having productive and happy means we continue to delight our customers. Therefore, we must proactively maintain and manage our digital workplace environment. Working with will enable us to leverage the true power of intelligent automation to drive growth and enhance employee experience. The world of work continues to change, so delivering a great employee experience is vital,” said Punit Jain, the Chief Technology Officer at AMEA, Global Digital Workplace Lead of Mondelez International.

The announcement came days after C Vijayakumar, CEO of HCLTech, said the firm may clock an annual revenue growth at the lower end of its guided range at 13.5-14.5 per cent for the current fiscal year. Vijayakumar had said the macros–like furloughs and drop in discretionary spending in tech, telecom, and other verticals were more severe than expected earlier. The macroeconomic challenges have affected the demand environment in the .

“By using our portfolio of next-generation AI and cognitive solutions, Mondelez International will be able to deliver an adaptive and resilient workforce experience anytime, anywhere, and on any device,” said Sandeep Saxena, Executive Vice President, European Head of Diversified Industries, HCLTech.


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