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More than 1,750 mn Aadhaar authentications done in October 2022: UIDAI


More than 1,754.4 million Aadhaar authentications were completed in October 2022, according to Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) data released on Tuesday by the Ministry of Electronics and IT.

“Aadhaar adoption and usage by residents continues to progress across India, indicative of how it is touching lives, and enabling ease of living for residents. In October alone, 235.6 million transactions were executed using Aadhaar,” the ministry said in a statement.

A majority of the over 1,754.4 million authentication transactions carried out via Aadhaar were done by using fingerprint biometric authentication, followed by demographic and OTP authentication.

By the end of October, about 84,260 million authentication transactions had been conducted cumulatively using the 12-digit digital ID, according to the ministry.

Similaly, 235.6 million transactions were completed using Aadhaar in October alone, and by the end of October, the total number of transactions completed using Aadhaar will reach 1,321.49 crore.

The number of face authentication transactions increased from 4.67 lakh in September to over 3,700,000 in October, according to the ministry. Face authentication makes it possible for pensioners to create digital life certificates at home using their smartphones rather than going to banks or other common service locations.

Nearly 236.4 million AEPS transactions were completed in India in only one month, an increase of over 12.4 per cent over September. By the end of October 2022, a total of 15,735 million last-mile financial transactions will have been made feasible thanks to the utilisation of AEPS and the network of micro-ATMs.

Over 1,100 assistance programmes in the nation, operated by the centre and the states, have already received notifications to use Aadhaar. The digital ID is assisting numerous federal, state, and local ministries and agencies in increasing the effectiveness, transparency, and provision of welfare services to the intended beneficiaries.


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