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OYO announces launch of category for highly rated hotels in 70 cities


Hospitality major on Monday announced a programme ranking that provide consistent and high-quality . ‘Super OYO’ analyses a hotel’s performance on multiple parameters such as customer review, maximum rooms operational consistently and check-in experience.

Consumers can see marked ‘Super OYO’ while booking on the company’s app. There are around 200 ‘Super OYO’ in more than 70 cities and the company said it will encourage others to achieve the title on its platform.

“Over the last few months, as travel resurged, our customers gave us a lot of constructive feedback. One of the questions I always get is, when staying in a city where multiple OYOs are available, which is the best OYO,” said Ritesh Agarwal, founder and group chief executive officer, .

“So today we are announcing ‘Super OYOs’. The best OYOs by experience, location, analysis of thousands of reviews and verified experiences. For our customers, you get the best of the best OYOs and for our owner patrons’ they get higher returns on their assets. Just download the App and hit the Super OYO widget on the home screen,” he said.

Super OYO is available to all app users in India and will be launched globally in 2023. People can access the Super OYO category from the home screen by clicking on the Super OYO banner that leads to a dedicated Super OYO store, select their destination city and browse all available .


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