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Religion-based population imbalance cannot to be ignored: RSS chief


(RSS) chief on Wednesday sought a comprehensive new policy applicable to everyone equally. India must empower women to unleash their creative energy, giving them freedom and equality. It was not the intention of Indians to create fear in anyone and dialogue with minorities like the Muslims would continue, he said.

He was addressing a gathering of RSS activists at the organisation’s annual Vijayadasami event in Nagpur, where mountaineer Santosh Yadav was the chief guest. Bhagwat said contrary to belief it was not the first time that a woman had graced the RSS event: Rajmata Maharani Amrit Kaur and others had been distinguished guests hosted by the Sangh. He said unless the strength of women was harnessed, India would not reach its place in the world. He underlined other factors that were holding India back: untouchability, superstition, and dogmatism. For an ‘Indian’ India, Bhagwat said untouchability must be rooted out.

requires resources. If it grows without building resources, it becomes a burden. There is another view in which is considered an asset. We need to work on a population policy for all keeping both aspects in mind,” he said.

But he added: “Religion-based population imbalance is an important subject not to be ignored. Population imbalances lead to changes in geographical boundaries. Alongside the differences in birth rate, conversions by force, allure or greed and infiltration are also big reasons.”

Population imbalance can lead to countries breaking apart. He cited East Timor, Kosovo and South Sudan as examples of “new countries that emerged because of imbalance among religions in a population”.

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Addressing the concerns of minorities in the country, the RSS chief said, “Scare-mongering by some is being done that there is a danger to minorities because of us. This is neither the belief of the Sangh or of Hindus. Sangh resolves to stand on the side of brotherhood, amity and peace.” At the same time, he said events like the beheading of Hindus in Amaravati and Udaipur (which happened after a BJP functionary’s remarks about the Prophet’s family) should be condemned by all. “Right-minded leaders of the Muslim community have also condemned it” he said. He exhorted Hindus to never forget the limits laid on all Indians by the Constitution and the rule of law.

Bhagwat lauded India’s outreach to Sri Lanka in its time of distress and upheld the government’s Russia-Ukraine policy of equidistance and appeal for peace. He said it was a matter of great satisfaction that the world was sitting up and listening to India. He praised the government for its handling of the livelihood crisis at the end of Covid-19, but added that job creation was not the responsibility of the government alone.

“The government has responded to the employment crisis. I am not arguing that the government should retreat. But simultaneously, society has to respond by providing employment–we (the RSS) have. We have created jobs in 275 districts by helping create small business and employment opportunities. More will follow. But all parts of society have to support such endeavours”. He reminded the audience that after Covid-19 hit the country migration was seen in large numbers but the RSS did its bit in employment creation.

The RSS chief spoke at length about the importance of the mother tongue. He did not specifically name Hindi, but spoke approvingly about the New Education Policy (NEP) that celebrated the mother tongue. “We tend to believe English is crucial to career development. We send our children to get an English education. But how many of us value our mother tongue?”

The RSS chief asked all Indians to be vigilant against forces that wanted to hold India back. “There are elements who will come to you, posing as supporters of our cause. Be vigilant. Some of them want to spread anarchy, and disaffection against rule of law. We must be on the side of the administration and the state in regard to such people.”


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