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Sony unveils Mocopi motion-tracking bands for Metaverse on smartphones


Japanese electronics maker on Tuesday unveiled a set of wearable motion trackers called ‘Mocopi’. It consists of six motion-tracking bands, which are to be worn on hands, feet, back and head. It lets users animate and operate avatars inside various apps on Android smartphones and iPhones. The device is currently Japan exclusive. It will go on sale in January 2023 with pre-order starting in mid-December.

has released a video to show how users can pair the sensors with the app, strap them to their body and calibrate them. Besides, the video shows how the users’ avatar in apps mimic real world movement.

According to Sony, Mocopi allows users to capture full-body motion in 3D with only a smartphone and the six sensors. The device is wireless and does not require a special suit to capture motion.

“Normally, video production using motion capture requires dedicated equipment and operators. By utilizing our proprietary algorithm, ‘Mocopi’ realizes highly accurate motion measurement with a small number of sensors, freeing VTubers (virtual YouTubers) and creators involved in movie and animation production from time and place constraints.” said in a statement.

As for the specifications, each Mocopi sensor weighs about 8g, and is about 3.2 cm in diameter, which can be easily fixed to the body with the attached Velcro band or clip. It is not restricted by power sources or cables. The sensors can be connected to a smartphone with a dedicated application installed via Bluetooth.

A software development kit (SDK) for linking motion data acquired by ‘Mocopi’ with services and 3D development software will be provided from December 15. By using this SDK, users can receive the motion data acquired from the sensor in real time on your PC and edit it while checking it immediately on 3D development software.

“This SDK expands the use of motion data, thereby facilitating the development of new services in areas such as the and fitness,” said Sony.


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