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Tech Mahindra working on a policy to allow moonlighting: C P Gurnani


India’s fifth largest firm is working on a policy that will allow moonlighting for its employees, said the management. C P Gurnani, CEO and MD said that the confidence in supporting moonlighting comes because is a digital company and not a legacy firm.

“Between legacy and digital, we are a digital company. But of course our, intent is always with boundaries and that does not change,” said Gurnani in a select press briefing in Mumbai post Q2FY23 results.

He added, “We are working on a policy, but we operate in 90 countries and have to adhere to all the labour laws in these geographies. I am happy, if somebody is productive, is complying with all brand guidance, values, customer relationship guidance, and wants to do another job, we are fine. Just take permission and tell us what you are working on.”

Gurnani was of the view that employees should not hide such instances as sometimes this may also add value to their CV. But in cases where employees may get into moonlighting without the prior permission then a ‘no tolerance’ policy will be followed.

Gurnani also denied any plans of deferring any fresher onboarding. “We are investing for future. We think onboarding them and giving them requisite training is anytime better,” he added.

managed to bring its attrition to 20 per cent from the 22 per cent in the Q1 FY23. It also added 5,877 employees in Q2, taking its total base at 163,912.


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