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Twitch rolls out ‘Shield Mode’ to enhance safety, along with new features


Twitch has rolled out a new ‘Shield Mode’ tool to strengthen safety on the streaming platform, along with two new features.

The Shield Mode is different from other safety tools on the platform as it combines and levels up existing safety tools in one place, the company said in a blogpost on Wednesday.

Streamers can pre-set multiple safety settings that can be activated with a push of a button whenever higher protections are necessary.

These presets allow users to turbo-charge their safety settings in seconds if they receive harassing messages in chat or if they need stronger protection.

For instance, when users receive a large, hate raid, moderators also have full access to the mode.

Moreover, streamers and their moderators can customise the new safety tool to fit the channel’s needs.

“You can open Shield Mode from your channel page, Stream Manager, or Mod View to tailor your settings–and when you deactivate Shield Mode, your safety settings will go right back to how they were before,” the platform said.

Shield Mode also introduces two new features–Bulk Ban & No First-Time Chatters.

With the ‘Bulk Ban’ feature, streamers can type in certain words or phrases to mass-ban any chat users who have recently used them, but only when the Shield Mode is on.

Whereas, ‘No First-Time Chatters’ feature allows users to prevent anyone from chatting if they have not previously chatted in the channel.



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