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Unemployment rate rose to 4-month high of 7.77% in October: CMIE data


After the fell to a four year low in September, it rose to a four month high of 7.77 per cent in October, according to latest data released by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE).

CMIE, which conducts its own employment survey, showed that the increase in the in October is on account of sharp increase in rural unemployment which rose from 5.84 per cent in September to 8.04 in October, whereas the urban fell slightly from 7.7 to 7.21 per cent.

Among the 25 states for which data is available with the CMIE, six states registered the unemployment rate in double digits. Haryana registered the highest unemployment rate of 31.8 per cent followed by Rajasthan (30.7 per cent), Jammu & Kashmir (22.4 per cent), Jharkhand (16.5 per cent), Bihar (14.5 per cent ) and Tripura (10.5 per cent).

Madhya Pradesh recorded the lowest unemployment rate at 0.8 per cent by displacing Chattisgarh (0.9 per cent) from the spot.

Unemployment rate rose to a four-month high of 7.77% in October


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