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UP PET examinees miss trains after huge ruckus at railway stations


A huge crowd of PET 2022 examinees at the Moradabad missed their trains, while a large number of people were seen entering the trains from the windows as they headed back to their homes on Sunday.

The passengers crammed into jam-packed railway coaches in Moradabad amid a massive rush of UP PET 2022 exam candidates returning from their exam centres to their homes.

The candidates at the station told ANI, “There’s a lot of mismanagement at railway stations, we’re continuously standing while travelling. There’s no arrangement by the administration. Suddenly platforms of trains are changed.”

“Trains are booked for rallies of CM but no trains were run for candidates like us”, said the candidates.

Many examinees said, “They missed their trains due to the massive crowd”.

While many were seen inside the train and others were seen hanging from the doors. Those who missed their trains have to take the next train.

Earlier, some of the candidates told ANI, “We came from Ghazipur. All the buses and trains were full while we came, and they are full even now. Not many arrangements were made for commuting.”

Students at the Kanpur Central said that they were standing throughout the train as there were no seats and no sleeping arrangements at the station.

“The trains are jam-packed. We are tired and we are in this city since yesterday. There is no arrangement for sleeping anywhere at the station. Nobody got a seat on the train and we kept on standing. The situation is very difficult,” the students said.

Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) North Railways, Rekha Sharma ordered special trains for the students from Prayagraj to Lucknow and from Ayodhya to several districts. Because of this, the crowd at Lucknow was comparatively lesser as compared to the other stations.

UP PET exam, commonly known as PET, is held annually. All the matriculate candidates are eligible for the examination. The exam is held to fill the vacancies in the Group B and Group C posts.

is a two-tier examination system, after which the students are shortlisted for the mains exam, skill test and physical test.

(Only the headline and picture of this report may have been reworked by the Business Standard staff; the rest of the content is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)


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