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Watch this count: India’s share in world population peaking, to cross China


The world’s topped the 8-billion mark on Tuesday. and are the most populated nations, having 17.9 per cent and 17.76 per cent of the total share. Before the world hits the 9-billion mark, would overtake to have the largest share.

India’s percentage share in the world will peak soon, data analysis by Business Standard showed. China’s growth has already peaked.

When world population touched 3 billion in 1960, China’s share was 21.6 per cent. India’s share was 14.7 per cent, according to figures in the UN 2022 Population Prospects.

When the world population hit 4 billion in 1974, China’s share was 22.5 per cent and India’s 15.2 per cent. When total population crossed 5 billion in 1987, China’s share had started falling at 21.7 per cent. For India, the share of its population in the world rose to 16.1 per cent.

The trend continued in 1998 when the global population crossed six billion. China’s share fell to 20.8 per cent and India’s icreased to 17 per cent.

When the world hit the 7 billion mark in 2010, China’s share fell to 19.4 per cent and increased to 17.75 per cent.

According to the UN’s projections, world population will cross nine billion in 2037. By then, India’s share of the total population will cross China’s. Indians will comprise 17.61 per cent of the world population as China’s share falls to 15.4 per cent.

By 2058, when the total population crosses 10 billion, India’s share of the global population would be 16.9 per cent and China’s share would be 12.2 per cent.


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