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Worker deaths for Fifa world cup between 400 and 500: Qatar official


The number of worker deaths for the World Cup has been estimated for the first time by a top Qatari official involved in the country’s World Cup organisation to be “between 400 and 500,” a far higher estimate than any other previously provided by Doha, reported the Economic Times.

During an interview with British journalist Piers Morgan, Hassan al-Thawadi, the secretary-general of Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy said, “The estimate is around 400, between 400 and 500. I don’t have the exact number. That’s something that’s been discussed.”

“One death is a death too many. Plain and simple,” al-Thawadi adds in the interview.

According to Al-Thawadi, the estimated was among workers who were involved in work on stadium and other infrastructure for the tournament.

ET has reported that the number of worker fatalities related to the construction and renovation of the stadiums currently holding the World Cup is the only information provided in reports from the Supreme Committee dating from 2014 through the end of 2021.

These newly disclosed statistics put the overall at 40. They include three workplace incidents and 37 from what the Qataris refer to as nonwork incidents, such as heart attacks.

One report also separately lists a worker death from the coronavirus amid the pandemic.

Al-Thawadi’s statement is expected to reignite criticism by human rights organizations of the toll of hosting the first World Cup in the Middle East on the who constructed the stadiums, metro systems, and other new infrastructure necessary for the event, costing over $200 billion.

Iran threatens players’ kin

The families of Iran’s World Cup team have been threatened with imprison­ment and torture if the players fail to “behave” ahead of the match against the US on Tuesday, a source involved in the security of the games told CNN. After the refusal of Iranian players to sing the national anthem in their opening match against England, the source said the players were called to a meeting with members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. They were told that their families would face “violence and and torture” if they did not sing the national anthem or if they joined any political protest against the Tehran regime, the source told CNN. | AP

Croatia charged for taunts at goalie

Fifa opened a disciplinary case against Croatia on Tuesday because of its fans’ taunts aimed at the Canada goalkeeper who has Serbian family ties during the teams’ World Cup game. Fifa said the charge against the Croatian soccer federation was “due to the behaviour of its fans” and cited rules relating to discrimination and security at games. Canada goalkeeper Milan Borjan was born in an ethnic Serb region of Croatia that was part of the conflict that split the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s. | AP


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