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3 Best Ways to Get Highspeed Internet Service From Another Country

When traveling within the United States, you won’t have much of a problem with your mobile network. The rates and services are the same. And the only difference you may face is with the internet speeds and 5G connectivity in most cases.

But it is a different story when you are traveling internationally. In that case, you should contact Spectrum customer service number or that of some other mobile provider. Spectrum, AT&T, and Verizon do have international plans. But there may be conditions by the provider. In this blog, you can check out a few ways to stay connected with your loved ones.

Subscribing an International Plan

As mentioned earlier, some mobile networks do offer service internationally. The most convenient way of staying connected is to switch to an international plan. Such plans are likely to save you from a huge cellphone bill and various additional costs like data roaming. Usually, receiving calls and texts on your number is free. But making calls and browsing the internet incur extra charges because of roaming. With AT&T, you can call and text for free from 210+ destinations by paying $10 per day.

Similarly, Verizon has two types of travel passes too. If you are headed to Canada or Mexico, you can get the service for $5 a day. For other destinations, the company has a similar plan to AT&T coming at the same price and coverage for 220 countries. It is important to note that the data limit on the international plans of your carriers is not as generous compared to ones for local use. The data is quite limited. So, it is best to keep the background applications closed.

It is best to use mobile data for tasks that don’t require a lot of megabytes. Prioritize communication apps. Avoid video streaming and downloading as these activities will quickly drain your data. Use Wi-Fi connections for such activities.

Local Wi-Fi Hotspots

 This Wi-Fi is free and abundant. So, you don’t have to worry about watching videos in HD resolution when connected to a hotspot. You can also update your mobile applications and download more episodes of your favorite show from Netflix.

The best part about public Wi-Fi hotspots is that they are available at the places you are likely to visit. For example, you can use free Wi-Fi at airports, cafés, restaurants, and hotels. Also, you can check for the internet facility if you are booking an Airbnb. One slight problem with public Wi-Fi networks is that they may offer access only for 30 minutes. Since you do not have to pay for fast and dependable internet, there isn’t much to complain about in such instances.

Usually, you can count on such places to stay connected. But it is best to know the vulnerabilities of connecting to a public network. It is advisable not to use these connections for bank transactions. Using a VPN is more advisable when doing any work. For such activities, your mobile network on an international plan or buying a local sim card for the internet is more advisable.

Local Sim Cards

For continuous internet connectivity at lower prices, getting a local sim card can be a good choice. Generally, the cost of local mobile plans is significantly lower with more generous data options. Buying a local sim card is usually not much of a hassle. However, your phone should be unlocked to use a new sim card.

Before setting out to your new destination, it is best to check with your network if your phone is unlocked or not. Usually, when you buy a device from your mobile provider, it is locked and cannot work with other sim cards. But if you have paid the installments, you can contact your network and have your device unlocked. Otherwise, you may have to get a cheap phone to access the internet, or you can get a portable Wi-Fi hotspot device.

But if you have paid for your device in full, you can have your device unlocked and use a local sim card. On longer stays, you can save a lot on your mobile bills by choosing a regional mobile network.


You can access the internet from international destinations by either opting for international plans, making use of Wi-Fi hotspots, or buying a local sim card. There are some challenges with all of these methods. Choose the one that best suits you and make the best decision.

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