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Apple partners with Google, Mozilla web browsers to develop Speedometer 3


Apple has partnered with and to develop Speedometer 3, a benchmark for testing browser performance.

Apple’s WebKit team announced the collaboration over Twitter.

“We’re excited to work with @googlechrome and @firefox on the next Speedometer benchmark, which measures real-world browser performance on the Web. Working together will help us further improve the benchmark and improve browser performance for our users,” it tweeted.

Currently, Speedometer 3 is in active development and more information will be shared in the near future.

“Speedometer 3 is in active development and is unstable. You can follow along with development in this repository, but see Speedometer 2.1 for the latest stable version,” reads WebKit’s Github page.

Speedometer is a benchmark for web browsers that measures Web application responsiveness by timing simulated user interactions on various workloads.

The company says that its primary goal is to make it reflect the real-world Web as much as possible.

When a browser improves its score on the benchmark, actual users should benefit, and in order to achieve this, it should test end-to-end user journeys instead of testing specific features in a tight loop, the company mentioned.

Moreover, it should evolve over time, adapting to the present Web on a regular basis, and be accessible to the public and useful to browser engineers.



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