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How to Hire Freelance Developers for Startup in 7 Easy Steps

Here is the harsh reality. It’s exceedingly challenging to find engineers for a firm, especially one in its early stages. A startup may only have a basic organizational structure, making it impossible for it to compete with larger, more established businesses in terms of benefits and pay. Regardless of whether it does, developers frequently pursue their careers at well-established companies since the employment environment and perks are frequently more stable and provide room for growth.


In this post, we’ll provide you with advice on how to hire freelance developers for your new business and take advantage of the outsourced development model.

Important Motivators For Startups When Hiring freelancer Developers


Set Up The Tech Stack For Startups

Startup founders usually lack prior app development experience. Instead of learning how to program, an entrepreneur’s job is to transform ideas into software that solves problems. As a result, a company has to hire qualified developers who are knowledgeable with the tech stack required to create the app.


Fast Growth

In December 2020, Google PlayStore had daily app releases of around 3,400. The app market is quite competitive. You should try out and improve your idea as soon as possible for a company. Everything needs to be completed in a flash. If you’re an early-stage business looking to advance quickly, you’ll need a staff of engineers. Even if you are a skilled programmer, you should not let managing business growth take your focus away from other aspects of your company.


Staying Within Budget

You must be quite picky while making your selections. The key is to choose the individuals who will launch the app with the fewest possible glitches. This calls for picking a developer with extensive experience, particularly in creating apps pertaining to your area of expertise. When your position of negotiating power is weak, you feel the pressure of needing to make the best hiring possible given your budgetary constraints.


Build A Strong Team

With a skeletal structure, you can’t work for very long. There is a limit to how much you can handle at a startup, even if you are a good multitasker. Your team members will soon need to be assigned duties, including those pertaining to IT development. A strong team is one that is knowledgeable about the product and operational procedures. That’s the reasoning behind why startups recruit coders.

7 Steps To Hiring a freelancer Developers For a Startup

It saves you the trouble of doing several needless interviews or, even worse, employing the incorrect person. The procedure is as follows:


Step 1 – Specify Your Business Needs

Every startup is different, and this holds true for the kind of employee you must make. Think why you need the services of a freelance developer. Are you launching a fresh app concept and looking for freelancer developers to create an MVP right away? Some businesses may already have a core team of developers operating on their apps, however, they might need additional experts who are familiar with cutting-edge technologies.


Step 2 – Determine The Employment Model

You ought to consider the project-based paradigm if you’re operating on a small project. For projects with specified requirements and fixed-price developer remuneration, this approach is suitable. The fact that it cannot be used for projects with ever-changing needs limits its versatility.


If you still don’t have a clear idea of how the product will work, go with the dedicated team model. As the name implies, a team of developers will be assigned solely to your project. The developers and your startup will be under a fixed-term agreement.


Step 3 – Choose A Country To Hire From

For startups, it’s crucial to employ engineers from the appropriate nation. Although some nations are more affordable than others, issues like time zones and linguistic limitations should be taken into consideration. You should seek out developers that can work with you in your language, are competent in their field, and aren’t overly expensive.


Step 4 – Finding Necessary Specialists

It’s best to do your own search for startup business entrepreneurs. If you’re seeking developers that use various collaboration methods, the best places to start are talent markets like Upwork, Freelancer, & Guru. You have the option of paying per job or per hour. By allowing you to screen candidates based on skill sets, these platforms make it easier to assemble the best specialists for your team.


Step 5 – Verify The Expertise

You should be vigilant in doing background checks on everyone you plan to hire, whether they are independent contractors or an IT development firm. You must confirm that they are capable of handling your job and that they possess the claimed skills.


Look over the evaluations that other clients have given for the freelancers if you’re hiring through sites like Upwork and Guru. Request a list of the jobs they have completed. It aids in weeding out individuals who lack key competencies required for your project.

Step 6 – Conduct Interviews

How can you be confident that applicants have the necessary soft and hard skills for the position? Holding interviews is the best strategy. Inquire about the candidates’ past project-related experience. If someone is passionate about what they do, it will show in their behavior.


Step 7 – Start The Job

You may then offer the position to the selected individuals after you’re happy. Make sure that the contract’s conditions are accepted by both parties. Provide the developer with a start work order and specific instructions on what needs to be done.



It might be difficult for early-stage firms to get developers. For startup entrepreneurs to choose the finest developer for their team, there isn’t much room to maneuver. We’ve demonstrated why outsourcing is a practical choice and offered a step-by-step manual for hiring freelance developers.

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