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5 Destinations In And Around Kasol

Overview –

The stunning city of Kasol is located on the Parvati River’s bank and draws tourists with its large, verdant valleys, comfortable climate, regular snowfall, and hot springs. There are many locations, occasions, and activities in Kasol that will stimulate, charm, and thrill your senses.


There are sites to visit around Kasol that provide the ideal balance of adventure and allurement for a lasting lingering memory of a well-spent trip. The lush vegetation and hot springs of Kheerganga in trek , the splendour of Chalal Village, and the tranquil waters of the Parvati River are a traveler’s paradise.

Other than that, Manikaran Gurudwara is a popular tourist destination for pilgrims close to Kasol. For the delight of foodies, Kasol also offers flea markets and eateries such the Buddha palace and Evergreen café. The small towns and villages around are the pretty princesses enticing travellers with their unrivalled attractiveness, if Kasol is the beauty queen of the Himalayas.

Chalal Village is 2 kilometres from Kasol.

You can reach this charming tiny settlement of Chalal by hiking for 30 minutes from Kasol. Chalal, located in the lush Parvati Valley, is one of the most breathtaking locations nearby Pune that you should visit. The main attraction in Chalal are the wild, raucous parties that go for three to four days in the woodlands next to the settlement.

There are various eateries in Chalal that serve wonderful regional food such pita bread, hummus, falafel, and more and appeal to both western and Indian tastes, like the Maya Café Guesthouse and Magic View Café. 

Manikarna Sahib is 3.7 kilometres from Kasol.

about 4.3 km from Kasol, where it is situated. Manikarana, a region of great religious significance to both Sikhs and Hindus, is home to some absolutely stunning natural scenery.

Devotees travel from far distances to visit the Manikarana Gurudwara, also known as Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Gurudwara. Another sacred location is the Lord Shiva temple, which survived the earthquake of 1905.

16 kilometres separate Pulga Village from Kasol

Kasol is a beautiful 2-hour trip from Pulga, also referred to as the fairy forest. Anyone who visits Pulga never fully leaves; it is a getaway from the commotion of other well-known tourist destinations close to Kasol. Its towering mountains, extensive green woods, tea plantations, and traditional wooden cottages all add to the area’s charm.

Pulga is a remote area overflowing with tranquilly and quiet. The best action you can do in this situation is “nothing.” You’ll be on cloud nine just by being in this place’s pure, wonderful vibe. Pulga’s must-do activities include a morning stroll through the village and a trip to the Lord Narayana shrine.

Tosh Village is located 21 kilometres from Kasol.-

One of the most picturesque and lovely spots to visit near Kasol is Tosh. Tosh village is home to more than just snow-capped mountains, stunning greenery, and a harsh environment. Tosh, which is located around 21 kilometres from Kasol, is a popular destination for backpackers owing of its inexpensive lodging, rave events, and nightlife.

 The tranquilly and stillness of the surroundings, which are less developed and urbanised than Kasol, are what draw many tourists. Tosh is the perfect location to sit, unwind, and get away from the demanding always-on-the-go world as a result of all of this.


Maliana is a historic settlement hidden among the Himachal Pradesh mountains. It is well known as the ideal hipster vacation spot.

. Their clothing choices, the kind of foods they consume, the holidays they observe, how those holidays are observed, and other behaviours all reflect the rich culture and heritage.

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