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5 Winterizing Myths That Can Destroy Your Boat

People love to hate winter. If it’s not the cold weather, it’s the gloom or the potholes (especially in Massachusetts). While it can be a downer, you can have fun over the winter break if you know how to handle your boat. If you want to replace Boat Parts from PartsVu, you are welcome at any time! We’ll also highlight common assumptions people have about winterizing their boats and why winterizing the right way is beneficial for your vessel.

Myth #1: It’s Okay to Leave Fuel in the Tank

This is a dangerous myth that can be responsible for ruining your boat, and it’s one of the most common misconceptions, especially among new boaters. If you don’t winterize your boat properly and leave fuel in the tank, it can lead to corrosion and rusting.

To protect your boat from this danger, it’s crucial to drain all fuel from both gas tanks and clean them thoroughly before putting them away for the season.

Myth #2: Letting the bilge drain is a great way to flush out the hull.

You wouldn’t think letting your boat’s bilge drain would cause problems, but this is a dangerous myth. The problem with letting the bilge drain can lead to saltwater intrusion and rusting. When you’re in a marina or at anchor, you’re already taking steps to keep water from getting into your boat’s hull. If you let the bilge drain while you’re in port, you risk allowing saltwater into the hull, where it will corrode metal and wood.

It’s important to remember this myth when winterizing your boat—if you’re not careful, it could ruin your fun time on the water next summer!

Myth #3: Sailing in cold weather can’t hurt a thing.

Because the water is cold, it won’t make any difference to your boat if you go out in the winter. But it’s not just the outside temperature that matters—it’s also the air temperature.

When the water is colder than the air, it creates a layer of ice on the surface, which prevents heat from escaping into the atmosphere. So even if the air is warm enough to be comfortable, your boat could still get damaged in this environment.

Myth #4: Change Engine Oil Just Before Winter Storage

When you head out for your winter boating adventure, you must ensure that your boat is in top condition. One of the most common boating myths is that you should change your engine oil before storing your boat for the winter. This isn’t true—in fact, it can do more harm than good.

The reason why this myth persists is that people think that the oil needs to be changed before storage so that it doesn’t get too thick in cold weather and cause problems when you start up again next spring. The truth is that engine oil gets thicker when it’s cold, so if you change it before storage, it’ll be thinner than usual when you start up again next spring. This could lead to premature wear on your engine parts and other damage. So wait until spring when temperatures warm up before changing the oil again!

Myth #5: Drain Water From the Main Engine and Generator Before Storage

It is tempting to drain water from your boat’s engine and generator before storing it for the winter. After all, you’ll not be using your boat for a while, so why not get rid of that water? Unfortunately, this isn’t a good idea.

First, if you have an engine or generator without a built-in heater or other methods of keeping things running smoothly during storage, draining water can cause damage to the engine or generator itself. In addition, if you drain your engine but don’t replace the coolant with antifreeze, you risk freezing up the engine when you try to start it up again in the spring. So even though it seems like a good idea at first glance, draining water out of your boat’s engine or generator before storage is terrible!

Winterize Your Boat – Replace Boat Parts from PartsVu

Winterizing your boat is an important step in preparing it for the winter. It’s important to replace certain parts before storing your boat or even just taking a break from boating.

You can do several things to winterize your boat, including replacing hoses and seals, repairing small cracks in the hull, and checking the bilge pump. Replace fenders, bumpers, and other equipment often used during the summer months.

Replacing Boat Parts is Easy with PartsVu

You can easily use our website to find replacement boat parts from PartsVu. Our product catalog includes replacement fenders to a new gas tank for your boat engine. We also have products like light bulbs, wiring harnesses, and more!

Ordering Your Parts Online Is Convenient

When you order online with us, we offer fast delivery times, so you don’t have to wait long for your items to arrive at your doorstep. And if there’s something wrong with one of our products? No worries—we’ll make sure it’s taken care of quickly!

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