Saturday, December 9, 2023
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CoinSwitch to foray into wealth tech, launches new logo, mobile app


Crypto investment app CoinSwitch on Thursday revealed its new brand identity ahead of making a foray into wealth tech. The company is expected to launch its new products by 2023 to become the first Indian crypto company to diversify into other asset classes.

“As we transition from a single-asset app to a wealth-tech destination, we understand now more than ever, the need for a stronger relatable visual personality. We revolutionized the crypto investing experience with a simple UI/UX to become the largest crypto investing platform in India,” Ashish Singhal, co-founder and CEO at CoinSwitch said.

The company revealed a new logo and a new design for the application on Thursday. This comes against the backdrop of the crypto industry facing several difficulties following the fall of FTX.

The app has new sections including a “portfolio” section that gives a view of how the user’s investments are performing, a “market” section that helps users keep a close eye on the price movements, and a “learn” section with content to help investors stay up to date.

“We want to tell people not just to consume and spend money but to invest money and grow their money. Our new brand identity has taken an approach of no jargon, bite-sized info, and interesting visuals to aid text. We have also added quizzes and polls where users can apply their learning,” said Swati Pincha, senior director of Growth at CoinSwitch.

The company in a blog post said that by the end of 2023 it aims to become a “holistic financial investment platform” that allows Indians to understand and invest in multiple assets all in one place.


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