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Har Ki Dun Trek – A Beautiful Trek in Valley of God in India


Har Ki Dun is basically  a valley which is situated on the foothills of Fateh parvat in the Garhwal region.Har Ki Dun trek is set at a height of 3566 mts.You will discover spellbinding waterfalls,lush green meadows,townlets,pine forests and with every step the visuals of these beautiful views become breathtaking.Har Ki Dun which is also known as “Valley of God” is encompassed by huge mountains which offer a mesmerizing scenery.The beauty of Har Ki Dun is enhanced by the breathtaking Bandarpunch range at a distance.



This place has a mythological significance.Once upon a time,this place was covered by the Pandavas while they were on their way to heaven.For the beginners,Har Ki Dun can be the best destination to begin their trekking experience.


Har Ki Dun is the rising apex of the greatest stories of the mythological literature of all times.Har Ki Dun is definitely the sentimental notebook left behind in this current world which is filled with digital communication.The one certain fact about being in Himalayas for at least once in the lifetime is that we never really return.We are in debt of all the offerings that Himalayas bestow us with.


About the Trekking

Undertaking a Har Ki Dun trek is one of the uncounted blessings that seeks nothing from us but makes us feel meaningful and expressive when we start to walk on the snowy path where nobody has walked on or maybe a few have walked on.Har Ki Dun is not just a journey but it is indeed a celebration of achieving the endorsed purpose.


Har Ki Dun is one the most beautiful places for trekking which gives us mesmerizing views of the garhwal Himalayas.Har Ki Dun is located at the altitude of 12,000 ft and the trek distance is about 56 kms which can be covered in a span of 7 to 9 days approximately.People from various countries of the world come to experience the mesmerizing scenery of Himalayas in Har Ki Dun.

The Himalayan Monal which is the state bird of Uttarakhand and few other animals can be located in the forests of Har Ki Dun during the trek.It is considered as one of the finest treks in India.This trek is fit for both beginners as well as the experienced ones.For the beginners it might be a little bit difficult,therefore beginners are advised to have a good stamina physically as well as be prepared mentally.


     Activities In Har Ki Dun Trek

              Har Ki Dun trek route for mostly adventurous folks than for the tourists.However,if one could reach Jamdhar Glacier and Morinda tal which is a 4kms trek from Har Ki Dun to do various activities like:

  • Camping:- One of the most amazing experience that one could have in the enfold of nature is   camping.It includes setting up of tents under the sky which can help in relaxing and reviving a person  after having a tiring day.The mesmerizing views that is offered by Har Ki Dun of Himalayas and the beautiful night sky are just breathtaking.
  • Village Tourism:- While trekking the trekkers come across the villages that are settled by various communities of that region.They get a chance to explore the beautiful villages like Osla,Sankri,etc which are located in the enfold of nature and they come to know about the way of life lived by the people of that region and the customs and culture of the region.They get to experience the hospitality of people there.
  • Photography:One can take beautiful pictures of the breathtaking sceneries of Har Ki Dun.The trekkers can take the pictures of beautiful variety of flora and fauna present in Har Ki Dun.                                                                                                 

                Best Time For Har Ki Dun Trek

             The best time for Har Ki Dun trek is from April to June and September to December.We can also enjoy snow trekking during winters in Har Ki Dun.


                     Har Ki Dun Weather

              Har Ki Dun temperature can vary from 2 degree celsius to -2 degree celsius in the month of        December and mid-January and also -5 degrees celsius to -10 degrees celsius in February.During summers(May to June),the Har Ki Dun  temperature varies between 25 to 30 degrees during days  and during nights the Har Ki Dun temperature varies between 10 degrees to 5 degrees celsius.Summers can be the best time to enjoy the beautiful view of Har Ki Dun but for the people who want to do snow trekking,winter season is the best.Apart from being an adventurous trek and weather being favorable most of the times,Har Ki Dun temperature can fall drastically thus making a huge change in the weather.






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