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Plastic Sheet – Everything You Must Know About It

Plastic or polymer is a synthetic or semisynthetic material. A plastic sheet is a sheet-like form of polymer. It is a common term but, it is known in the industry by many other names like liners, vapor barriers, vapor retarders, films, polyethylene sheeting, poly sheeting, Visqueen, plastic film, reinforced plastic, self-adhesive films, tarps, root barriers, underlayment, greenhouse films, plastic covering and a whole lot of other names. So if you hear any of these names there is nothing to be confused about because you can be assured that it is just the plain old plastic sheet that is being referred to.

And the good side of plastic sheets is that they can be manufactured in any way that the industry requires it. Its main ingredient is polyethylene film and depending on what it is to be manufactured from it additives are added accordingly.

What Are Plastic Sheets?

Now how do you define plastic sheets? Plastic sheets can be defined as an uninterrupted form of plastic material. Its basic ingredient is a polymer. Its thickness is more than 0.25 mm. It is initially wound around a core while manufacturing but later is cut into thin sheets.

However, if the material is less than the mentioned thickness, then that is not called a plastic sheet. It is simply referred to as a plastic film. So here you can now understand the difference between plastic sheets and plastic films.

What Are Plastic Sheets Made From?

Just like a plastic sheet versatile item, can be used to make many things all at once, they can be made from many different materials too.

  • It can be made from single plastic material which can also be referred to as virgin material.
  • It can also be made from complex structures comprising various coatings and materials. But whatever it is manufactured from it suits the purpose it is made for exactly.
  • You can also get plastic sheets manufactured from different plastic resins with unique properties. It is exactly these properties that determine the texture and thickness of the sheet.

Some plastic sheets are clear, smooth, colored, embossed according to function, rough, semi-transparent, or opaque. It all depends on what material it is made from and what the user’s requirements are.

How You Can Decide the Type of Sheet to Suit Your Purpose

There are many ways in which you can decide what sort of plastic sheet you require. But you can start your decision process by thinking of:

  • Know the purpose that you need the plastic sheet for and what you intend to do with it.
  • Next on you will have to decide on the size and quantity of the material that you require. The size or thickness of the plastic sheet will help you to decide what you exactly require
  • Again the longevity of the sheet is also another decider for the type of plastic sheet you require. You obviously can’t buy a plastic film and expect it to last long or serve your purpose of covering items with it in the industry
  • The temperature that the sheet can withstand is also important to consider.
  • The strength of the plastic sheet will decide what type of it you must buy.

Since all plastics are made in the same way your purpose of requiring the plastic sheets is very important here. Depending on it you can buy some plastic sheets that are cheap and used temporarily or you can also buy sheets that are expensive but will last a long time.

Applications of Plastic Sheets

Plastic sheets have a wide range of applications today. It is increasingly becoming popular because they are very versatile as well as cheap to acquire. Plus, another factor is that they can be found in any of the stores near you in your locality. They have become indispensable in today’s times.

Plastic sheets can be used for any number of purposes in any type of industry. They are very popular items in every household just as they are popular in industries. They can also be used for insulating any construction site or any place that requires insulation. It is a good insulator and gives protection against extremes of any temperature very effectively. It is especially helpful in very cold climates. It prevents the cold from coming into a certain place.


Plastic sheets are like a wonder item with their varied usage and utilities. Thus you can understand their importance in today’s society.

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