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5 Best Sandwich Makers in India for Quick and Easy Snacks

A healthy sandwich makes for a nutritious meal or snack. It is also a good way to satisfy your hunger pangs. It is a popular meal option among the young population such as students and office goers. Making sandwiches is not a difficult task. You can prepare them quickly and easily. 

The only part of the work that needs sometimes is preparing the fillings depending on your taste. You can go for something as simple and healthy as chopped vegetables mixed with seasonings or something heavy like fried chicken with mayonnaise & cheese. 

Irrespective of what kind of sandwich you decide to make, a sandwich maker or a sandwich griller is a must-have appliance to complete your work quickly and efficiently. Here are some of the best sandwich makers for making quick and easy snacks. 

KENT Sandwich Grill

KENT Sandwich Grill is the best sandwich maker that you can opt for. It is a small yet multipurpose appliance for preparing your breakfast or meal. It helps you easily roast chicken, toast bread, grill paneer & vegetables or make sandwiches within no time. 

This sandwich griller comes with a non-stick ceramic coating, which allows you to use less or no oil/butter. This enables easy flipping and makes sure nothing sticks to the cooking surface. The best part of this appliance is its adjustable height control, which helps in accommodating anything from a jumbo burger to a multi-layered club sandwich. 

Prestige Grill Sandwich Toaster

This sandwich maker from Prestige is another good choice of appliance for preparing sandwiches. Its non-stick coating ensures that you can use less oil for toasting, thus helping you make healthy sandwiches. It has an indicator light that indicates when the appliance is off, when it is preheating, when it is cooking and when it is done. It uses less power, so you don’t have to worry about your electricity bills. 

Philips Sandwich Maker

Here’s a great choice of sandwich maker that is contemporarily designed to fit in a small space and suit modern kitchen decor. Its wide-sized cooking plates ensure that it can accommodate bread of various sizes with ease. It is suitable for use at home as well as small cafes. Making sandwiches using this appliance is a breeze with its user-friendly design. It’s a little on the expensive side when compared to other sandwich makers in the market but worth the investment. 

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KENT Sandwich Maker

If you want a sandwich maker without the grilling feature, you can choose this great buy from India’s leading home appliance brand KENT. It has non-toxic, ceramic cooking plates, which ensure that your food is safe to consume. This new-age sandwich maker is the ultimate solution for preparing a quick breakfast during the morning rush hours. You can prepare the sandwich, place it in your preheated sandwich maker and attend to other tasks while the appliance automatically switches off once the sandwiches are cooked. 

Havells 2-Slice Sandwich Maker

This 2-slice sandwich maker from Havells could be your ideal choice if you prefer making large sandwiches.It is suitable for toasting as well as grilling purposes. You can make professional quality sandwiches with this appliance at home. This sandwich maker and bread toaster is perfect for large families. The only drawback of this appliance is that it comes with a short cord. So, you can use it only in places with a power outlet very close by or use an extension box. 

These are the top options for a sandwich maker or a sandwich griller for homes. All of these are from reliable brands and come with a warranty as well. Compare the features and prices and choose the one that best suits your needs. 


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