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5 Breast Cancer Treatments to Know

People with breast cancer should consult their doctor as they will look for the best treatment. And this is how you will certainly come across various Breast Cancer Treatment options, but you should choose the one recommended by your doctor.

Besides, you need to check the benefits and recovery process of all these treatments before choosing the treatment option.

Choosing the right treatment will help you get relief from this condition once and for all. Let’s find out more about these treatment options.

Types of Breast Cancer Treatments

When it comes to the treatment options available for breast cancer, you will come across many of them. Each of them is extremely effective and has its own set of benefits. Some of these are:


The surgical procedure is the most common and best treatment option for breast cancer. Through surgery, surgeons remove the tumour and also some of the affected tissue.

The surgical procedure can also help in examining the axillary lymph nodes. These lymph nodes are situated beneath the arms. Oncologists perform surgeries, and they perform two types of surgeries for breast cancer. These two surgeries are Mastectomy and Lumpectomy. Let’s learn about them in brief:

  • Lumpectomy:The surgeon removes a small amount of healthy tissue along with the tumour for this surgical procedure. Besides that, this type of surgical procedure is also known as breast-conserving surgery.
  • Mastectomy:This procedure is different from Lumpectomy. Under this surgery, the surgeon will get rid of the whole breast. But you will encounter various mastectomy procedures, such as “nipple-sparing” and “skin-sparing.” You can speak with the physician to learn more about Mastectomy. Doing so will help you decide the type of Mastectomy you should opt for.

Radiation Therapy

Another well-known Breast Cancer Treatment is radiation therapy. In this treatment, high levels of “X-Rays” or “energy rays” are utilised to eliminate the cancer cells.

A radiation oncologist provides this treatment, and you must speak to them to gain more information on this treatment. Furthermore, you will encounter various types of radiation therapies.

These therapies are “partial breast irradiation,” “brachytherapy,” “external beam radiation therapy,” “proton therapy,” “intraoperative radiation therapy,” and “intensity-modulated radiation therapy.”

Radiation therapy can lead to various side effects, such as irritation or skin pain, discolouration, breast swelling, and so on.


This is another great treatment option for breast cancer. The drugs will be used in this treatment to eliminate cancer cells. Doctors suggest Chemotherapy to patients when there is a high chance of cancer reoccurrence.

Women who have massive tumours are usually the ones who receive Chemotherapy. With the help of this treatment, Doctors reduce the size of the tumour so that they can easily get rid of it through surgical procedures.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone-blocking therapy or hormone therapy is another excellent treatment option for breast cancer.

The Doctors from Max Healthcare Group refer to breast cancers as ER [Estrogen Receptor] and PR [Progesterone Receptor] Positive. This treatment is offered after or before other breast cancer treatments.

It will certainly reduce the chances of breast cancer recurring. When cancer has spread, through hormone therapy, you can easily reduce it. Doing so will become much easier for you to manage it.

Under hormone therapy, you can opt for medications that can stop your body from producing estrogen. You can also utilise medications that stop the production of hormones.

Doctors will also suggest medications that can also prevent the hormones from attaching themselves to the cancer cells.

Targeted Therapy Medications

This treatment option will target all the irregularities that are present in the cancer cells. Experts say that many of the targeted therapy medications attack HER2 [Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2].

This is a type of protein that all cancer cells tend to overproduce. This protein is the main reason for which the cancer cells spread and grow quickly. So opting for the targeted therapy medications will not just destroy all the cancer cells but also keep the healthy cells safe.

Apart from HER2, this treatment option is used for attacking various other irregularities present in the cancer cells. It can also lessen the chances of cancer returning or reoccurring. Make sure to speak with the doctor to learn more about this treatment option.

Final Thoughts

Breast cancer can be easily treated by some of the best treatment options. Some of the most popular treatments available for this type of cancer are hormone therapy, Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, and targeted therapy drugs/medications.

Apart from these options, you will certainly come across many others. But to know the right treatment option for yourself, you should discuss it with your physician before making any decision.

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