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Advantages of Floor Cleaning Machines vs. Manual Cleaning

1. Reduce Labor Costs 

There is no getting around the fact that purchasing an industrial Pressure Washer Saudi is much more expensive in the beginning than purchasing a mop or broom. Even though the initial cost is higher, most commercial floor cleaning equipment eventually pays for itself because, if you don’t use an industrial cleaning machine, labor costs make up about 90% of the total cost of floor maintenance.

Think about this: Using a mop and bucket, an employee can clean 4,000-5,000 square feet in an hour. In the same amount of time, a small autoscrubber can clean almost three times as much, or 13,000 square feet. Clean more than 100,000 square feet per hour with larger machines. Performing the same task would require at least 20 hours of labor.

Employees also find it easier to clean with machines. By simply pressing a button, they enable workers to stand upright and remove more dirt and dust than manual cleaning.

A lot of people begin with walk-behind equipment. It typically has a lower initial cost than ride-on models, resulting in cleaner floors in a shorter amount of time. Having said that, if you have a large area to clean, a ride-on model might be the best option. Consider that a 20-gallon water tank can be pushed by one person at a weight of approximately 225 pounds.

When compared to sweeping or mopping by hand, ride-on machines increase productivity by 400 percent. They can pay for themselves in as little as three months, depending on the size of your facility, according to studies.

Inform us of your facility’s requirements. We are happy to offer suggestions or carry out a demonstration at your facility.

2. Autoscrubbers use only pure water to clean floors, 

whereas mops spread germs from one area to another and brooms release dust and debris into the air.

3. Auto sweepers and scrubbers 

are fast and quiet, making them an excellent choice for commercial applications. They do not leave behind slick, wet paths but rather clean floors. You won’t have to worry about disruptions or hazardous wet floors because they are sufficiently quiet to allow for day cleaning.

4. Small commercial floor scrubbers

Small commercial floor scrubbers which use very little water and may not require chemicals depending on your cleaning requirements, are more eco-friendly than a mop and bucket. Water and the power of the scrubber pads can be used to clean some applications effectively.

5. Your Floors Are Spotless and It Shows

Could you like your floors to be 60% spotless or 95% clean? Customers and employees alike face a risk to their safety from dust and grime. The more you clean with a mop and bucket, the dirtier the water gets. Equipment for commercial floor cleaning leaves your floors cleaner and more sanitary.

Why Choose Advanced Floor Cleaning Equipment?

Cleaning Chemicals Suppliers have products that can satisfy advanced requirements. They use little water, are easy to clean, and are simple to use. Cleaning chemicals suppliers offer many types of products including modern equipment.

User-friendly machines use pedals and handles and don’t break as easily as equipment with buttons and a lot of electronics. Ergonomic design reduces worker fatigue. Designed to help your business exceed industry requirements for cleanliness we provides unique levels of user access to ensure consistent cleaning results and greater operator accountability. Batteries designed for long run times (larger ride-on models use propane, gas, diesel, or hydrogen fuel cells).

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