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Gender Inequality Essay – Planning, Topic Ideas, Structure & Writing Guide

Gender inequality is simply the act of treating men and women unequally. The reason for this discrimination varies greatly from setup to setup. Most commonly, the difference is due to the inequality in biological, cultural, psychological, and physiological abilities and norms prevalent in society. No doubt, some of these differences have a theoretical basis, but the majority of them are nothing more than social constructs.

The world’s current policies cause gender discrimination or inequality over the globe, but women are the most affected. ¬†Moreover,¬† the gender inequality, in many ways, gives the edge to women, but it restrains women’s scope in business, the armed forces, and many other fields of life that are considered male-dominated fields. Recent studies reported that personality, family life, career opportunities, life expectancy, political affiliation, and education all are a field where women experience gender inequality.

Gender inequality Essays:

Any piece of academic writing discussing issues regarding the disadvantageous treatment of one specific gender as compared to the other gender under the same circumstances is called a gender inequality essay. All in all, a title that indicates gender discrimination-related problem, a comprehensive introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs with supporting details signifying the issues along with valid solutions, and a summarised conclusion collectively made a winning gender inequality essay.

The Planning Phase Of Gender Inequality Essay:

The planning phase of the gender inequality essay is the process of deciding what to include or what to exclude from an essay. In this regard, a good and planned essay is one in which several ideas are generated to support the main essay claim. However, an organised essay is one in which all different ideas are connected logically in order to make a fluent piece of writing. Moreover, for effective planning, one can follow the following steps:

  • Define the area of interest that depicts any noteworthy social problem describing the gender inequality
  • Narrow down the area of interest to make a topic of the essay
  • Conducting the preliminary research
  • Make an outline containing a thesis statement, the topic sentences for all body paragraphs, and evidence necessary to support each claim
  • Revise the outline as many times as possible to produce an error-free essay

Topic Ideas For Gender Inequality Essay:

The process of writing a gender inequality essay starts by identifying a real-world problem. However, along with your own interest in the selected topic, another important thing is that the topic must resonate with the common interests of your targeted audience. Selecting the topic that signifies a gender inequality issue is not at all a difficult task; however, starting an essay with a unique idea needs extensive research. Thus, the following are some ideas that will help you know how the topic of your gender inequality essay must look like:

  • Modernisation and gender inequality
  • Archaism and hyper-modernisation: An overview of treatment with women in the international educational system
  • Gender discrimination and the medical profession: Are women treated equally as men?
  • Corporate sectors and their impact on gender equality on compensations and benefits
  • Gender inequality and violence: A systematic literature review
  • A review of gender-based violence in the South African countries
  • Social Media as a factor elevating gender issues among teens
  • Religious approaches that are compelling in effectively handling gender inequality
  • Who is the most affected by gender discrimination? An approach to reviewing the role of a transgender in shaping the society
  • Writing a motivational story from a life of a famous celebrity who falls victim to gender discrimination

Structural Guidelines For Gender Inequality Essay:

With no exception, like all other types of essays, the gender inequality essay structure must also have three distinctive parts. Moreover, whether each part is separated by a compelling headline or not still depends on your specific task requirements. The following is a brief description of three main components of such essays:


It sets the stage for describing all important aspects of a selected issue. Proving the significance of a selected matter of discussion is your other duty to complete in the introduction section. Moreover, in the end, the introduction must contain an arguable, precise, specific, and well-structured thesis statement. Remember, in such essays, a good thesis statement is one that clearly explains your side of the main issue.

Body Paragraphs:

Ideally, an essay must contain three-five body paragraphs, each presenting a unique but thesis-justifying topic sentence. It’s the connectivity between all body paragraphs and their relevance with the main thesis that determines the quality of your gender inequality essay.


All’s well that an ends well is true for the conclusion writing as well. Obviously, it is the conclusion of your essay that lasts a permanent impression on your reader’s mind. Thus, special efforts should be made in order to write an impressive, summarised, and precise conclusion.

Writing Guidelines:

Though the article has provided enough information about writing gender discrimination essays, the following step- by-steps will prevent you from committing any contextual error:

  1. Decide on a captivating essay topic (by knowing your area of interest or by brainstorming)
  2. Use research tools to support your essay ideas
  3. First, know whether the topic you are going to discuss really exists
  4. Take a position on the topic of interest
  5. Support your views with valid facts and figures
  6. Play words game to best depicts the researched ideas
  7. Proofread and edit the final file and submit it to your supervisor confidently

These seven steps of writing take time to complete. So, you must follow the steps above.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, writing a gender inequality essay is all about creating public awareness to effectively deal with inequality issues to build a stress-free environment for all. Like all essays, it is your stance that helps you sound different from all the different essays written by your fellows. Moreover, no matter how sensitive the topic of your discussion is, you must avoid using taboo words.

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