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The Process of Getting Metal Braces By The Professionals At The Braces Clinic

Getting braces can be an exciting experience. At the same time, it can be neck-wrecking for some. If you are someone who has made up their mind of getting metal braces to straighten their teeth but are feeling anxious about the procedure of getting braces, this article is for you. In this article, we will be mentioning the general procedure of getting metal braces as explained by the professionals at the braces clinic.


Being aware about the procedure of getting braces and knowing what to expect next is a great way to lessen some of the anxiety that you may be feeling. This article will help you make sure that you are ready to get your metal braces. However, you may note that the experience may vary from person to person, based on the complication of the case, the treatment, and the orthodontist. The procedure will also be different from those who may get clear aligners as in clear aligners there is less involvement because you do not have to wear wires or brackets. 


At Ehrlero Orthodontics, we have a highly-qualified crew of orthodontists and dentists that will make sure to make your experience of getting braces as pleasant as possible. We strive for our clients satisfaction, and can help you turn your dream smile into a reality. If you would like to learn more about us and what sets us apart from the rest of the orthodontists. 

The Braces Process Explained by the Professionals At The Braces Clinic

Below we have listed the step by step procedure of getting braces, we hope you find this information helpful. 

The Initial Consultation

At first, you make an appointment with the orthodontist to discuss all your concerns that you have regarding your bite. This step is very important, because this is the time in which your orthodontist will explain to you all the options that you have. The dentist will take a detailed oral exam of your teeth to see the oral problem that the patient have, while also taking a mold of the patient’s mouth. Afterwhich, the dentist will explain to the patient the type of braces the patient can go for and what the lengh of each treatment will be. The dentist will also take x-rays of your teeth in order to design your treatment in a better way. 

Treatment Designing

After that, your orthodontist will design your treatment according to your individual needs and concerns. Ofcourse, not every one has an overbite or gap between teeths, you may have crowded teeth or an underbite. Therefore, your dentist will design your treatment according to your oral problem. The dentist will create a mockup of the braces from the mold that was taken at the initial consultation. 

Braces Attachment

In this step, the braces are attached to your teeth. This is a comparatively lengthier process than other processes that you may go through during the treatment procedure. The reason it is lenghty is because in this step, your orthodontist will prepare the surface of the teeth by conditioning it to provide a place to cement the brackets. After that, the orthodontist will cement the braces and place the wire. The brackets will placed on teeth according to the predetermined positions by the dentist. The dentist may even place rubber bands to the brackets for patients that have been diagnosed with bite problems in order to put more pressure to the teeth and the jaw. 

Details About Oral Care

The orthodontist will give you a detailed information about how to handle braces with care. It will include information about how to brush your teeth with braces, what kind of tooth brush and tooth paste to use, what hard foods to avoid and when to get new brackets for braces in case you cause damage to them. 


Metal Braces usually requires adjustments to be made from the orthodontist periodically in order to make the treatment work. In the adjustment appointment, your orthodontist will remove the wire and insert a new one to add more pressure to the teeth. It is very important for you to always make it on time to your adjustment appointments. 


Once the braces have done the job for you. They will be removed from your mouth and you will be required to wear a retainer for sometime. For how long you should wear the retainer varies from person to person and your orthodontist will be able to better explain this to you.

So this is the procedure of getting metal braces as explained by the professionals at the braces clinic. If you have made up your mind and want to get your braces treatment done from us, you may contact us to book an appointment or visit our website for more information. 

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