Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Tech: Marshall launches third generation Home line Bluetooth speakers in India


UK-based audio accessories maker Marshall has launched in three Bluetooth in its Home line-up. Called the Generation III, the home line-up comprises Marshall Acton, Stanmore, and Woburn. These are priced at Rs 31,999, Rs 41,999, and Rs 59,999, respectively. The Acton and Stanmore comes in black, cream and brown colours. The Woburn is available in black and cream colours.

The Generation III Bluetooth feature rectangular design and come in different sizes – Acton being the smallest and Woburn the biggest. All three speakers have Marshall’s logo on the front, brass multi-directional control knobs and classic power switch. They are made of 70 per cent recycled plastic and only vegan materials.

The speakers have tweeters angled outwards and waveguides for signature sound quality. The speakers boast a new ‘Placement Compensation’ feature, which optimises the output based on reflective surfaces placed nearby that may affect the sound quality. Besides, there is built-in ‘Dynamic Loudness’ feature, which adjusts the tonal balance for balanced sound quality.

The speakers feature Bluetooth pairing button, 3.5 mm port, power switch, bass and treble controls, and the control knob to easily control the music. Supported by the Marshall Bluetooth app, one can access advanced settings on the smartphones and update the speakers’ firmware through Over-the-Air (OTA) updates. In addition to the above, the Woburn III comes with an HDMI port to connect the speaker to TV.

The Acton has a 30W amplifier for the woofer, and the Stanmore has a 50W amplifier. Both speakers feature two 15W amps for the tweeters. The Marshall Woburn has a 90W woofer amplifier, two 15W amplifiers for the mids and another two 15W amplifiers for the tweeters.


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