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Types of Heart Surgery: Procedures, Risks, and Benefits

Heart surgery is a medical procedure for treating various heart ailments that cannot be treated through medication or lifestyle changes. It is usually done by a team of expert heart surgeons.

In this article, we’ll talk about the different kinds of heart surgery, how they’re done, and their risks and benefits.

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG)

CABG, short for coronary artery bypass grafting, is a common heart surgery that opens up blocked or narrowed arteries. In this procedure, a healthy blood vessel from another part of the body, usually the leg or chest, is grafted onto the blocked artery. It allows blood to flow around the blockage and restores blood supply to the heart. If you’re considering this procedure, it’s essential to consult with the best heart surgeon in Delhi to ensure the best possible care.

Like any surgery, CABG has associated risks. These include bleeding, infection, stroke, heart attack, and problems with the grafts. But CABG has benefits like less chest pain, better heart function, and a lower chance of having a heart attack in the future.

Repair or Change a Valve

Four valves in the heart help control the flow of blood through the heart. Over time, these valves can get damaged or diseased, which can stop blood from flowing and cause many different complications. In some cases, surgery may be needed to fix or replace a valve.

In valve repair surgery, a damaged valve is fixed, while in valve replacement surgery, a damaged valve is replaced with a prosthetic valve. There are some risks with both procedures, such as bleeding, infection, and problems with the prosthetic valve. But valve surgery has benefits like better blood flow, less pain, and a lower chance of heart failure in the future.

Repair of an Atrial Septal Defect (ASD)

An atrial septal defect, or ASD, is a birth defect in the heart due to a hole in the wall between the two upper chambers. It can cause abnormal blood flow between the heart chambers, leading to many symptoms.

In surgery to fix an ASD, the hole in the septum is closed with a patch or sutures. This procedure is usually safe and effective, and there is a low chance that something will go wrong. Some of the benefits of surgery to fix an ASD are better blood flow and fewer symptoms.

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Putting in a pacemaker

A pacemaker is a device that is inserted in the chest and helps control the rhythm of the heart. Patients with irregular or slow heartbeat are advised to get a pacemaker implanted. During the procedure, a small cut is made in the chest, and the pacemaker is put under the skin.

Putting in a pacemaker is safe, but like any surgery, it has some risks. Some of the risks of putting in a pacemaker are bleeding, infection, and problems with the device. But putting in a pacemaker can help the heart work better and lower the risk of problems caused by an irregular heartbeat.

Heart Transplantation

A heart transplant is a surgery in which a healthy heart from a donor is used to replace a damaged or sick heart. Most of the time, this procedure is for those with end-stage heart failure.

Heart transplant surgery is a complicated procedure with many risks, such as infection, rejection of the donor’s  heart, and problems with the medications used to stop rejection. But a heart transplant can change a person’s life for the better. Patients who have a successful heart transplant usually have a better quality of life, less pain, and live longer.

How to Choose a Heart Surgeon

Choosing the right heart surgeon is important if you live in Delhi and need heart surgery. It is advisable to select a reputed hospital with a dedicated cardiology department offering various services like coronary artery bypass grafting, valve repair and replacement, and pacemaker implantation. When looking for a heart surgeon, it’s important to find someone with an excellent track record and a reputation for giving personalised care. It is also important to pick a surgeon who is proficient in the procedure you need.

Heart surgery is a complicated procedure that can save lives. It can also help people with serious heart conditions live better lives. There are many kinds of heart surgery, and each has its procedures, risks, and benefits.

By picking the right heart surgeon and hospital, you can ensure you get the best care and have the best results.

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