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How Custom Packaging Works in Small Businesses

First impressions are everything, and they matter even more for small businesses. When it comes to small e-commerce brands and other businesses, standing out from the competition is essential. In some cases, a brand only needs custom packaging and boxes. It would not be wrong to say that   customized packaging   for small businesses is enough to capture the eye and interest of consumers. 

Beyond first impressions, well-designed packaging has many benefits. Additionally, customers report that they are very likely to purchase multiple times from brands if the brand’s packaging looks like a gift. For e-commerce and small businesses, creating a key is important to generate more sales. 

When a brand uses packaging that aligns with its aesthetic, it’s a great opportunity to connect on a deeper level with the target audience. Surprisingly, more than 68% of customers believe that custom packaging will create an exceptionally premium experience for different brands, making ordering more exciting for customers. 

So, if you are a small business and unfamiliar with the aspects of custom packaging, we share the information on creating such packaging!

5 Unique Tips for Creating Custom Packaging 

If this is your first time venturing into custom brand packaging solutions, the choices and options will be unlimited, but choosing the right style and look to restore the uniqueness of the brand is a must . Often this is considered complicated, but it doesn’t have to be because we’re sharing some tips to help you!

1) Research your target audience

It is obvious that you have done target market analysis when launching the brand and starting operations, but you need to go a little further when designing the custom product packaging. You need to ensure that the packaging design and aesthetics match the customer’s likes and dislikes and have the ability to grab their attention. 

For example, if you create and sell expensive scented candles but opt ​​for trendy and fancy packaging, it will be difficult to catch the customer’s attention. So, before you start looking for product packaging design, make sure you have a clear idea of ​​your target audience so that the designs capture their attention. 

2) Opt for sustainable packaging 

With each passing day, customers are moving more and more towards sustainability; it has become important to create packaging with sustainable and recyclable materials. In fact, recent surveys suggest that 61% of customers want to support businesses that care about the environment and are taking steps to become eco-friendly. Being eco-friendly is also beneficial for business, and we share some ways to take advantage of sustainable packaging materials:

  • This helps reduce the carbon footprint 
  • It protects the environments
  • It enhances brand image and emphasizes environmental responsibility 
  • It reduces the impact of landfills and area resources 

For this reason, it is suggested to use packaging boxes made from 100% recyclable materials. Even more so, if you can get your hands on biodegradable packaging, even better. 

3) Choose colors that match the target audience 

Gone are the days when one could choose colors randomly as specific colors are essential to create an emotional response in customers. For example, red signals energy and enthusiasm, meaning the brand using the color red will actually encourage customers to take a step. On the other hand, colors like blue and green are more calming and can help highlight balance, confidence, and serenity. 

While it’s obvious that you want to use colors that resonate with the brand and its products, colors have immense potential to capture the eye and take the market one step further.

4) Prefer simplicity 

It doesn’t matter if you are designing custom packaging for the first time or are undergoing a packaging redesign; opt for simplicity rather than a busy design. Indeed, simplicity of packaging remains an important consideration. This is because adding multiple colors and design elements can be confusing and off-putting for customers. 

On the contrary, simple designs are perfect if you don’t understand design. In fact, there are plenty of ways to stand out with simple designs through colors, fonts, and box style that keep the packaging from looking bland and “meh.”5) 

5) Invest in professional packaging

When it comes to running a business, there are various ways to reduce costs but without compromising on product packaging. Indeed, well-designed and professional packaging is worth it. Indeed, this packaging looks great and attracts more people from the target audience. This is mainly because customers will equate attractive packaging with a better feel and experience, so you don’t miss the first impression because you wanted to cut costs. 

Here’s a quick overview –

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Understanding 7 Different Types of Packaging for Small Businesses 

If you have no idea about creating branded packaging or don’t know how to turn customers’ heads, we share some packaging types that might help you!

1) Custom Inserts

To begin with, custom inserts are a promising choice for bottle packaging as well as gadget protection. Indeed, custom inserts can be ordered in different shapes and sizes and will guarantee the ultimate protection of the products. You can also try personalizing the design by adding illustrations and graphics on top. 

2) Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated packaging has become the first choice for all brands, regardless of the industry. This is because it can absorb moisture and provides the ultimate cushioning effect to the package. Corrugated cardboard is also known as corrugated board and is actually an affordable yet advanced option for product packaging. 

Additionally, this packaging material is completely sustainable, and as every brand strives to achieve sustainability, this is a great advantage offered by this material. For the same reason, many brands have already incorporated corrugated cardboard into their packaging, which has helped them gain popularity and align with the principles and values ​​set by their target audience. 

3) Paper

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that every brand is looking for affordable packaging materials, and nothing can be more affordable than paper. For starters, it has an eco-friendly feel and brands can customize designs and illustrations to fit the brand’s aesthetic (yes, brands can even print their logo on paper packaging). 

4) Textured coating 

If you want to create a promising or unforgettable first impression in front of your customers, you need to create a memorable first touch. To this end, you can count on textured coatings and the addition of custom artwork and graphics. Some of the coating options include:

  • Brilliant UV
  • Raised UV Coatings
  • Pearl coating
  • Glitter coatings
  • Soft to the touch
  • Varnish
  • Metallic shine
  • Metal foil
  • Embossing and debossing
  • Holographic foil
  • Cutting

5) Clear plastic 

We’ve already mentioned that custom packaging for products doesn’t need to be complicated or overly visual. Indeed, ingenuity is important to stand out on the shelf, and plastic is one of the most common materials available. However, rather than using plain, bare plastic, opt for the transparent design and let customers have a glimpse of the product to woo them. 


6) Multifunctional

When it comes to packaging design, the importance of convenience cannot be understated. Indeed, you want to offer something more valuable to customers by creating functional and practical packaging. In simpler terms, you need to select product packaging that serves a dual purpose. For example, if you are a pizzeria, you can create the bottom of the box with perforations to turn it into plates!

7) Glass 

Glass is another packaging option for smaller brands, but it is suitable for more premium products as it can be a little expensive. Glass packaging has the ability to be unique while adding value to purchases, given its high quality. Additionally, you can create custom shaped glass packaging to attract more attention. For example, if you sell perfumes, opt for diamond-shaped glass bottles rather than sticking to round and square bottles. 


Final Words: Is Custom Packaging Worth It?

It goes without saying that every business thinks 100 times before investing its money in something. For this reason, it is important to ensure that they are spending their budget on the right products. So, if you don’t know how to spend on custom packaging, let us tell you that it is worth the money and effort it takes to design the packaging. 

Indeed, online shopping trends are on the rise and it will be essential for brands to stand out and attract attention. Likewise, reaching new customers and creating brand awareness is   important for every business  , so how is it possible to check these boxes while creating a path forward for the brand? By opting for personalized packaging!

Additionally, it is best to opt for professional packaging companies to ensure that the financial distribution provided by   the best stocks   is used for a good reason and you get immense value from it! 


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