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A Girl’s Guide to Slaying Your Selfies

Taking selfies is an art that many may not have mastered! We all take selfies, some when no one is looking! We click 100 of them, only to like 0. How do we change that? How do I make myself look as good as those models on Instagram? Well, the tips are simple. All you need is to take care of your skin with a moisturizer for dry skin, smart skincare and then a few other measures of the camera while clicking your perfect selfie! Let us begin with how to improve your skin texture because that is what is going to reflect in the picture.

Some tips to improve the texture of your skin:

  • Cleanser:

You might have heard this several times but there’s no harm in repeating when something is this important! Always wash your face twice a day, for squeaky clean skin! All that oil, bacteria, and dirt will wash right off, and make sure that the other products have a clean canvas to penetrate.

  • Toner:

Optional but again a good addition to your routine.

  • Moisturizer For Dry Skin & All Skin Types:

Most important! There is no excuse to not use a moisturizer for dry skin. If you aren’t, consider it the 8th sin! At this point, I’d like to introduce you to my favorite gold moisturizer for glowing skin that makes my selfies lit! This gold moisturizer for glowing skin helps unleash a glow like gold with a moisturizer formulated from the finest skincare ingredients and the opulence of Real 24K Gold extracts.

This moisturizer for dry skin and all skin types formulated with the finest skincare ingredients and the opulence of Real 24K Gold extracts! We call this an elixir for glow-getters. This formulation is so luminous that it can double up as a highlighter when used under makeup. A small blob of this product instantly pushes moisture into the skin and creates a dramatic illuminating base. You can indulge in this luxurious gold affair on those special evenings when you want your shine to outshine everybody else’s. Dip your finger in this glowy magical potion and shine bright like a diamond. Well, technically gold!

 What it claims:

  • A long-lasting layer of hydration with a luminous golden hue 
  • A skincare formulation that easily knocks the classic highlighter out of the park
  • Real 24K Gold extracts reflect light and add a beaming glow to the entire face
  • This emollient protects the skin against the harmful effects of UV radiation
  • Shields external impurities and pollutants
  • Boasting a super silky texture, this product glides onto the skin like a milky serum
  • Protects your skin against early signs of aging; makes you look visibly youthful in a minute

key ingredients:

24K Gold Leaf

Improves the skin’s radiance and gives the skin a youthful bounce and luminous glow

Vitamin E

Moisturizes, heals, and strengthens the skin’s natural barrier

Vitamin B3

Retains moisture in the skin & improves skin surface and texture & reduces the appearance of wrinkles

The best part? This moisturizer for dry skin is clean, Vegan, Cruelty-free.  Any reason this moisturizer shouldn’t be on your vanity? Not! Now, coming back to your selfie slaying, let us speak camera!

  • Lighting:

Keep it natural. Why do you think there are models out there with such good pictures? No filters but good lighting. Always make sure to use that natural light and get a great click!

  • Angles:

Find out the angle that compliments your face. we all have a good angle. A great selfie lies in finding out that angle.

  • Rule of thirds:

This just means that you don’t pose yourself right in the center. Be off-centre and experiment.

  • Background:

Background matters no matter how cute you look! Make sure to have a background that flatters your picture!

Wrapping up:

And with that, our selfie teaching session comes to an end! Keep in mind, good skin, good face, ergo good selfies! Apart from following these techniques, make sure you use the right moisturizer for dry skin, or a gold moisturizer for glowing skin and hydrated skin – and you will definitely ace your selfie game! Just imagine; not having to apply filters on your face to look radiant and glowing🤌 as you will look naturally radiant.

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