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An Innovative Crew management software for the shipping industry

Ship management software

In recent years, the shipping industry has improved and evolved even further. The ship management system is one of the most significant improvements in the shipping industry. Using advanced technological equipment, the ship management system monitors and manages vehicular traffic in oceanic and marine regions. Vessel management, which relies on GPS and other gadgets for display, such as a computer, has become a crucial part of the naval system, without which there may be a plethora of problems with ship and other marine vessel management.

Ship management software is one of the most significant improvements in the shipping business. Using powerful technical equipment, ship management software monitors and manages vehicular traffic in oceanic and sea environments. Working with GPS and other gadgets such as a computer for display, vessel management has become a critical component of the naval system, without which there might be several issues with ship and other military vessel management.

GPS data transmission is a continuous procedure in ship management software. When a ship’s ship management system includes GPS, it is easier for it to rely on the accuracy of other ships on the water. The GPS is designed to be unaffected by changes in weather or atmospheric pressure. As a result, the efficacy of vessel management software is enhanced, particularly in the event of fog, storms, or gales in the middle of the ocean or sea.

Crew management software

Crew management software designed to support the full marine crewing pool’s crewing process, allowing you to optimise vessel crew deployment, find competent personnel members, and have all important data and reports accessible onboard and onshore. Furthermore, the integrated payroll system includes everything you need to pay your team.

Qualified personnel is difficult to locate and keep. As a result, many shipping companies are regaining control of crewing procedures while continuing to collaborate with marine crewing agencies around the world. ShipManager’s ship crew management solution covers your fleet’s crewing requirements, allowing you to fully optimise your crew deployment.

Features Crew management software

Global Accessibility

You can connect all of your company’s offices into a single system without the need for additional software installation or configuration.

improved data security

Software and data are housed in two geographically distinct, independent datacenters, ensuring high availability and data replication on behalf of the customer. An encrypted SSL connection ensures the same level of security as online banking.

Storage of data is limitless.

You may store as much information as you need and communicate data in real time between offices and employees all around the world.

customer support 24/7

customer support is available around the globe for allĀ  clients free of charge.

Accounting systems

Accounting systems can be linked to any third-party accounting system, allowing you to import and exchange financial data as needed.

Benefits of crew management software

  • A significant advantage of crew management software is that it moulds the shipping/marine industry’s human resources to handle their requirements and appraisals extremely efficiently, as well as on-boarding and dealing with the vessel database, reducing expense and hard labour.
  • Another responsibility handled by crew management software is storing certificate-like documents and validating them.
  • Crew management software is simple to integrate with other technologies such as ticketing systems and travel companies.
  • Crew management software is also used to manage and compute payrolls, resulting in increased responsibility.
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