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How can someone identify an original Bangkok Yellow Sapphire?

Yellow sapphire do seem to be stunning and are an excellent choice for adding just little light to one’s days! It’s easy to be duped by fake stones in all the anticipation and excitement. To assist you in avoiding fraud, we’ve put together a list of techniques for determining if a yellow sapphire is genuine:

Inquire about a certificate

The simplest way to determine the authenticity of a Bangkok yellow sapphire is to request a certificate. This ensures that the stone has been examined as well as approved by a reputable, official organization. Some national gem societies’ certificates such as the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gem Society have been strong indicators that you have a pure sapphire on your hands.

In Comparison to Yellow Glass

Many people believe that yellow glass, as well as yellow sapphires, are similar. The truth is that they must be! One of the simplest ways to tell if you have a genuine precious stone is to draw comparisons to a portion of yellow glass. When genuine yellow sapphire and glass are positioned next to each other, the contrast is stark. The sapphire will indeed be rich in shading and clarity, whereas the yellow glass will appear pale in comparison.

Do you prefer bubbles or no bubbles?

Any inclusions in a yellow sapphire should not be visible to the naked eye. So, if you start noticing tiny bubbles or something resembling liquid glass inside your gemstone, it’s probably a forgery.

Scratches must be checked

Sapphires are unyielding, hard stones with a Mohs hardness rating of 9.0. A diamond, at 10.0, is the only stone that ranks higher on the scale. In comparison, your fingernail has a score of 2.5. Knowing this makes it simple to determine whether the yellow sapphire is genuine. If your stone has any scratches, it is not a genuine sapphire.

The X Sign

Examine the different aspects of your stone carefully. On fictitious (mostly synthetically manufactured) gemstones, an “X” cut, also known as scissors cut, is common.

Is it Groovy?

You can simply verify for groves if you have a 10x loupe handy. A genuine yellow sapphire will indeed be completely smooth, whereas a fake stone will still have noticeable flaws. Grooves similar to those found on vinyl records may be visible under 10x magnification. If this is the case, the gemstone is artificial.


Negative space as well as inclusions can indeed be found in just about any stone, and yellow sapphire is no exception. When having cut gems, these flaws can “rip” and result in a small hole forming. Trustworthy jewelers will leave the hole in the sapphire as proof of its authenticity. Different types of jewelers may opt to fill this crevice with paste or glass to start making the stone appear to be of higher quality than it is.

Examine your stone with light

Uneven fragments can be an indication that the crystal has been filled. You should avoid having fillings in your stone.

Pukhraj gemstone’s rising popularity can be attributed to the fact that this lovely stone has quickly emerged as one of the finest for bracelets, engagement rings, and wedding rings. When buying Pukhraj, bear in mind that distinguishing between a genuine and a fake yellow sapphire is never easy and one must always have good knowledge about bangkok yellow sapphire price in india.

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