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How Do You Style Any Bed Making It Look More Expensive?

Creating a stylish and expensive-looking bedroom can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! With a few simple tricks, you can murphy bed easily style any bed making it look more expensive than it actually is.

In this blog post, we’ll provide some helpful tips and ideas on how to do just that! From choosing the right bedding and decor to the perfect finishing touches, we’ll show you how to get an expensive look without breaking the bank. So read on and learn how to style any bed making it look more luxurious and inviting.

Get A New Headboard

A headboard is one of the most important parts of any bed, and it can be used to drastically change the style of a bedroom and make any murphy bed look more expensive. When choosing a headboard, select one with luxurious fabric and an eye-catching silhouette.

You can also find unique styles, like a leather headboard or one made from natural materials such as rattan or wood. This will add a touch of sophistication to any bed and instantly give it a more expensive look.

Add A Bed Frame

Adding a bed frame is a great way to style any bed and make it look more expensive. A bed frame not only adds a stylish element to your bedroom, but also provides additional storage space and support. Whether you choose a classic wooden frame or a modern metal option, the bed frame will instantly elevate the look of your bed. To ensure the look is complete, pair the bed frame with matching nightstands and other furniture pieces. Also, adding an upholstered headboard can add a touch of luxury to the overall design. With these easy updates, you can easily create a dreamy, luxurious look for your bedroom.

Layer Your Bedding

When it comes to styling any bed to make it look more expensive, layering your bedding is an effective way to achieve this. This involves having multiple different bedding layers of varying thicknesses and textures. For example, use a fitted sheet, followed by a flat sheet, a duvet and then some lighter blankets or throws.

Each layer should vary in texture, with items like velvet, faux fur, and linen adding a sense of luxury. You can also play around with colors and patterns to add more depth to your bedding layers and further enhance the style. When it comes to styling any murphy bed making it look more expensive, layering your bedding is an easy way to do so.

Add Some Throw Pillows

When it comes to styling any bed to make it look more expensive, throw pillows are a must! They can instantly add a luxurious touch and make your bed look much more inviting. To achieve an opulent look, opt for heavier fabric materials such as velvet, silk, or brocade, which can easily be paired with other decorative accents like faux fur or ruffles. You can even mix and match textures to create a unique style. Additionally, you should choose your throw pillow colors wisely to ensure they go well with the overall color scheme of the room.

While brighter shades like red, orange, or yellow can draw attention to the bed and make it look more stylish, neutrals like whites, creams, and tans tend to work better for an elegant and luxurious look. No matter what kind of style you’re going for, having the right throw pillows will help you achieve the desired effect of making any bed look more expensive.

Add A Throw Blanket

Throw blankets are a great way to style any bed making it look more expensive. They instantly add a cozy layer that can help make the room look pulled together and sophisticated. If you have a plain headboard, adding a beautiful throw blanket can add extra texture and pattern, while also giving the room an added depth of design.

Throw blankets come in all sorts of colors, fabrics and textures so you can find one that fits your style perfectly. If you want to go the extra mile, try layering two throws for even more texture and contrast. Not only will this give the murphy bed a luxurious feel, but it will keep you extra warm on chilly nights too!

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