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Top 5 Shoe Trends to Look up to in 2023

Did you take your New Year’s resolution? 2023 is already in, and you have more than 2023 outings and parties lined up. You know the outfits you want to up your style game with! But what about the shoes? Will a pair of heels look good with your leather skirt? Or a pair of boots? What about boots with heels? What does the trend say? 

These are the things that cross our minds the least while getting ready. Shoes are 60 per cent of our thoughts. Let’s clear the doubts and find out the shoe trends of 2023!

List of Shoe Trends

Here’s a list of shoe trends for women:

Sneaky Sneakers

Let us begin with the most comfortable genre. The Adidas Samba is, without a doubt, the breakout sneaker star of 2023. A shoe was initially made for indoor soccer and popularized by celebrities like Bella Hadid. After going viral on TikTok as Hadid’s shoe of choice, the original shoe, which cost less than $80 and sold out quickly. 

The pink shoe included in the Adidas x Gucci collaboration sold out just as quickly as the $80 version. The Samba sneaker’s sleek, low-top design is the foundation of the trend and will undoubtedly be copied by brands throughout 2023. So, pull up your socks and put on Samba sneakers.

Mary Jane’s Reign

In 2023, the appeal of preppy attire will not diminish. When it comes to the preferred shoe style aesthetic, don’t settle for an essential Mary Jane. With chunky soles and sky-high heels, the most recent take on this style takes the classic silhouette to the next level of sandals for women.

Whether Mingle Mary Jane Platform Pump or Regal Mary Jane Pumps, each is trendy this year, and you can buy these shoes online. Ok, think: extravagant materials, bold patterns, numerous straps, and pearl-studded embellishments, isn’t it a ten-on-tent combination?


Well, you know that the skirt hems are believed to go up and down with stock prices, and so does the length of boots with the changing seasons. For years, platform boots have dominated the market, but a new trend in sandals for women has finally emerged—the boot with a low heel. 

Black leather boots with sleek heels will be everyone’s favorite shoe in 2023. Keeping in mind the wearability, the heel should be manageable, which is the key to this trend! Grab a boot with a kitten heel height instead. Long skirts and dresses look amazing with this look. What are you choosing then?

Not Only Ballerina Ballet

If you like the Mary Jane style, you already have your old ballet flats out. If you think ballet flats ever went out of style, they came back into fashion this fall and quickly took over Instagram as part of the #balletcore aesthetic.

Brands like MiuMiu and Sandy Liang have created slippers that look like they could be worn for The Nutcracker ballet, which is a literal interpretation of this trend. Remember that ballet flats don’t need to be styled so literally if you like how they look but aren’t sure how to style them. A bomber jacket, loose cargo pants, or jeans go well with ballet flats for brunch. Grab these shoes online as well!

Not so flat

Want to go comfy with a hint of style and trend? Then this trend is perfect for you. Flats, from ballerina styles to the pointy-toed tips of the Y2K era, are also having a moment right now, but don’t mistake them for commuter shoes because what they lack in height, they make up for in sparkle. These fancy flats are appropriate for glamorous parties as well as dance floors.

We bet you are ready to slay all these trendy sandals for women already!

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