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The Best Hoverboards in The UK | Segbo

It is driven without levers or handlebars, moving the body’s weight forward to accelerate, backward to brake, and swinging the torso to the right or left to turn. While remaining anchored to the ground, a few falls as a neophyte aside (exhilarating and very popular on YouTube of boxer Mike Tyson ) give the feeling of flying.


That’s why the Hoverboards, skateboard with wheels powered by electric motors, is taking over the asphalt: according to the research company Statistic Brain, more than 2.5 million units have been sold in the United States; in our country, it is the most desired gadget, or rather the alternative, clean and trendy means of transport of the summer.

We expect to reach 30,000 pieces in the coming months,” says Michele Bertacco, brand director of Segbo, the UK brand which currently holds a large part of the national market.


This small battery-powered scooter appeals to young people because it offers the thrill of the combination of balance and speed: a peak of 10 kilometers per hour is not for turtles; fortunately that if the passenger weighs less than a dozen kilos, the gadget becomes sluggish or remains motionless. It fascinates adults because it recalls the floating board from the cult film Back to the Future, the hoverboard from which it takes its name. And then you learn in an instant, regardless of age, continues Bertacco. For example he adds, singer Lorenzo Fragola figured out how to use it in 30 seconds, Enrico Ruggeri only needed three minutes.

The offer on the internet and in shops is expanding, but avoid being tempted by low-cost models, under £279.99: some have caught fire. In addition, the highway code prohibits its use in roadways and public areas, although a circular from the Ministry of Transport for faster similar electrical products such as the Segway grants exemptions on pedestrian areas and cycle paths.


The hoverboard can accommodate a passenger weighing up to ninety kilograms. Its battery has a range of 20 kilometers and recharges in three hours.

The table has two small displays which, in addition to signaling the battery level, indicate with a green light whether each of the feet is placed correctly.

The wheels, with a diameter of about sixteen centimeters, move thanks to two electric motors which reach a maximum speed of 10 kilometers per hour.

The product is 58.4 cm wide, 17.8 high, and weighs ten kilograms. Among the accessories included a bag to carry it. It costs £279.99

The maximum angle of the ascent is 15 degrees. Under its surface, there is a loudspeaker that broadcasts music transmitted via Bluetooth from the smartphone.

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