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The Vitamin Industry Does Not Want You To Know

Do you ever find yourself pondering some or all of the following?

Why do I continue to spend money on supplements when I feel nothing?
Why do I continue to get sick and feel terrible?
Why is it so difficult to maintain “consistency” when it comes to taking vitamins regularly?
Which nutrients does MY BODY require?
As I age, will I be able to live life to the fullest?
How do I know “For Certain” which nutrients I am deficient in?
The “Latest Buzz” about Vitamins…

Doctors may have underestimated the importance of vitamin supplements in preventing cancer, heart disease, and the effects of ageing, and you may not be getting enough of these vital elements from your diet.

Vitamins are “Key” in preventing the following chronic illnesses:

  • Cardiac Disease
  • Lung tumour
  • Colon Cancer
  • Breast carcinoma
  • Prostate Disease
  • Osteoporosis \sAnd,

The reality is that YOU are probably not getting the nutrition you need!

Vitamins have been recommended by world-class nutritionists for more than 35 years!

The question “to take or not to take” is no longer relevant. ALL nutrition experts and most doctors recommend supplements.

What To Carry Is Currently The Question…

Optimal Health Journal cites a number of government surveys indicating:

Our meals do not provide appropriate levels of vitamins for AVERAGE HEALTH – let alone OPTIMAL HEALTH!
NO ONE of the 21,500 persons surveyed met the required daily amount for each of the ten important nutrients.
The esteemed journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has acknowledged the significance of vitamins. It reads:

Most Americans do not consume enough vitamins through diet alone.
All adults should presumably take vitamin supplements.

The “Real Danger” of Vitamin Supplement Overdose…

Did you know that your body requires precise levels of various nutrients and that taking too much of a certain vitamin might be harmful?

Can you overdose? In one word: YES

An overdose can be more dangerous than an underdose! For instance:

Vitamin C can operate as a pro-oxidant in excessive doses, causing cellular damage rather than avoiding it.
Calcium overdose can result in constipation and reduced renal function.
Iron in excessive doses can raise the risk of heart disease and harm youngsters who consume adult doses.
In high doses, zinc can irritate the digestive tract and damage the immune system.
What Nutrients Does YOUR BODY Require?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to vitamin supplements…

What dietary supplements should you consume? Respond to the question and proceed to the front of the class. At last count, there are 3,400 distinct dietary supplements available to consumers today, which is a staggering number. Every day, you hear persuasive justifications for why you should take each and every one.

To avoid cancer
Heighten immunity
reducing blood pressure
Increase energy
Improve recall Reverse arthritis
Develop healthy bones
Why not take all these pills if you desire all these things? For starters, you’d be bankrupt! Beyond that, none of them are necessary! Taking too many could potentially be harmful! So, returning to the original query, which supplements should you take?

How do you know which vitamin supplements to take, given the variety of goods available on the market today? Which ones should you take, and in what quantities? This is the query…

Even READERS DIGEST asks, “Which vitamins are essential?”

Natural Health Magazine goes farther and inquires:

“Do you receive sufficient nutrients?

Their response: There is only one guaranteed way to determine…


Metametrix Clinical Laboratory is utilised by leading nutritional physicians for nutritional / metabolic testing…

What vitamins do the “rich and famous” take to maintain their health?

The “Rich & Famous” rely on their superb health and youthful appearance to support themselves. They devote countless hours to exercise, healthy diet, and yes, vitamin pills! They just determine which nutrients are deficient in their body and then take those vitamins. How is this accomplished? They undergo a full ION test and receive personalised vitamins based on the findings of the test.

The doctor passes on the $545 cost of this ION test to the patient (probably at a higher price).

There is, however, a simpler and more cost-effective diagnostic…

Simple URInalysis

Why Must You Submit to a Urine Test?

This testing, which identifies the exact nutrients YOUR BODY needs in three crucial areas, is an essential first step…

You no longer need to estimate which nutrients you should take from the overwhelming selection of “one-size-fits-all” nutritional supplements on store shelves. An overnight urine sample can be analysed scientifically to determine which nutrients your body needs to protect itself from cellular damage caused by uncontrolled free radicals, eliminate dangerous toxins, and keep your immunological, vascular, and nervous systems in balance.

Can you afford this type of examination? Yes, you may purchase this specialised examination for $79.95.

Your exam will determine:

Your capacity to deal with threats to your body’s antioxidant system
The amount of nutrients required to eliminate toxins from your body.
Your capacity to balance a KEY chemical that affects your vital Immune, Nervous, and Cardiovascular Systems.
Step two is the daily consumption of the specific nutritional supplements YOUR BODY requires…
When you receive your PrivaTest Analysis and the customised nutrients to meet your body’s needs based on your individual test results, age, and gender, you will be in possession of the culmination of years of research in human nutrition, herbal medicine, biochemistry, and metabolic science. You now possess the most effective nutrition tool available for controlling your health!

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