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Best Advice for nurses to pass the MOH exam

In order to be qualified for employment in the UAE, nursing practitioners must first pass the Ministry of Health (MOH) exam. If you correctly respond to the MOH exam questions and pass the test, you are eligible to work in the UAE, with the exception of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Nurses must successfully complete the DHA (Dubai Health Authority) and HAAD (Health Authority of Abu Dhabi) exams in order to be employed in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The MOH test, a common exam, is used to certify healthcare workers in the UAE. The Ministry of Health will conduct this test. The creation of a robust workforce to support the nation’s general healthcare system is the main objective of this exam.


In this essay, we’ll give you the best tips for passing the renowned MOH exam.


  1. Take simulated tests


According to several studies, practice examinations are more efficient than conventional study techniques. This phenomenon, known as the “testing effect” by the American Psychological Association, demonstrates how taking practice exams helps test takers in a variety of ways.


Learning about the subject is highly important. You can more fully understand the material included on the examination by looking at sample exam questions. Second, you employ a cognitive ability known as retrieval everytime you take a test. This ability involves remembering facts and using them to solve issues. You can flex this mental muscle by passing practise exams. Finally, MOH practise exams assist students in maintaining focus on their academics.

  1. Putting together a study schedule

You must create a study plan if you want to pass the Saudi MOH exam. Better results come from starting early. You can schedule your day more easily if you give yourself enough of time to accommodate fast learning. Paced learning is the practise of allowing your brain time between study sessions to process new material. The best preparation strategy for MOH exams successfully discourages “cramming” study sessions.

  1. Consult a study manual.


The best study guide will provide you with the most comprehensive and current information. Decide what to study and how to organise it so that you can focus less on what you already know.


Make a list of the MOH questions and answers you are unable to properly respond to as you go over the previous MOH exam questions. Use these questions as a study aid between mock exams to focus on the most crucial topics. You can use flashcards to review the individual questions from the practice exams you failed in between assessments. With each testing session, you’ll acquire new information and improve your score.

  1. Relax right before the exam.

    Give yourself some rest the day before the test. Reward yourself for all your hard work in earning your Saudi MOH certificate.

must eat a good dinner, go to bed early, and awaken rested and ready to take the exam. Take a break and unwind to combat test anxiety, which can emerge as the exam draws near.

It is well known that the Prometric exam is challenging. The greatest study materials are required if you want to adequately prepare for this test. Additionally, hiring Middle Eastern healthcare consultants is preferable. Because passing this test requires a solid approach and substantial preparation.


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