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Different Things You Must Do To Make Your Hoverboard Long Lasting

In the last three years , self-balancing Hoverboard or what are commonly called hoverboards, have become increasingly popular. Naturally, this tool is not only fun to use, but also practical and facilitates mobility. Even though it was expensive when it first boomed, gradually the prices started to be pocket-friendly. Especially with the emergence of Chinese manufacturers destroying the market price of hoverboards. you can bring a hoverboard home.


So, if you have spent millions of rupiah to buy the hoverboard of your choice, surely you do n’t want it if the hoverboard just breaks, right? In this article, Buka Review will provide some pointers so that the hoverboard is durable and doesn’t break quickly.

Clean the wheels regularly

To keep hoverboard wheels durable, be diligent in cleaning the wheels after each use. The wheels on a hoverboard are basic because, after all, a hoverboard is a skateboard with wheels. Get rid of the dust and pebbles stuck to your self-balancing scooter. Use a regular toothbrush or brush to clean it and don’t use sharp objects. Even though it looks trivial, gravel and dust that sticks to it can damage the motor and engine sensors so that your hoverboard can lose control.

Make sure the board is always clean

Apart from the wheels, the hoverboard also needs to be cleaned to keep your hoverboard looking like new. After each use, take a wet cloth and gently clean the hoverboard with the wet cloth. However, before cleaning, make sure you’re not charging your hoverboard to prevent a short circuit.

In addition, an important part of the hoverboard that should also be checked regularly is the pedals. As a control center that is connected directly from the motherboard to the wheels, the pedals sometimes feel loose and make your control feel imperfect. So, always check the condition of the hoverboard pedals before use. However, don’t go too fast either because it can make it difficult for you to step on the gas and brakes. If you are unsure about tinkering with it, you can take it to the nearest mechanic who can help you check it.

Take a break

Because it is powered by a battery, of course the hoverboard can run out of power. At that time, you need to recharge the battery for approximately 2-3 hours. However, not infrequently the hoverboard can also get hot after heavy use, for example carrying a load that is almost close to its maximum capacity limit or going through an uphill road which makes the hoverboard quite difficult to move. At that time, you need to rest your hoverboard . Let your hoverboard cool down before you start charging it again.

When charging, don’t leave your hoverboard charging for too long. A common case is that many users leave their hoverboard charging while they are asleep. Keep in mind, only premium hoverboards have an automatic power-off feature when the hoverboard ‘s battery is full. If all you have is a standard hoverboard , then you can only charge it for a maximum of 3 hours. If it exceeds that, your hoverboard ‘s battery life will definitely be shorter and it is possible that there will be cases of exploding batteries as before.

Use according to its capacity

When buying a hoverboard , you will definitely get a guidebook that tells you about the maximum load limit that can be accommodated, the speed that can be reached, how far you can carry the hoverboards . If that’s the case, it’s best if you follow these guidelines. Do not carry loads that are too heavy beyond what is recommended. Even though there is a maximum speed limit, don’t use it at maximum speed too often because it can make the motorbike work too hard.

Plus, don’t take your hoverboard across bad roads either. In fact, just passing the uphill road already makes the motorbike work extra. Indeed, there are also hoverboards that are designed for off-road purposes so that they can pass through rocky, even muddy roads. However, standard are only designed to pass on flat asphalt roads. So, don’t force your hoverboard to go the wrong way, okay, if you want your hoverboard to last.

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