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Models of Men’s Shirts: See What are the Trends for the Next Year

One of the things that has drawn a lot of attention in recent years with fashion is both the rescue of old trends or famous movements from past decades, as well as mixing the most recent ones with these styles. It’s part of it, in a way, and you can get a brief sense of it with the models of Men’s Shirts.

Men's Shirt Models
Men’s Shirt Models

2021 promises a lot of news, young man! I mean, not just interesting news, but the return of some classics, following that wave of nostalgia for past decades that has become, in a way, a fashion in itself among the general public.

Let’s take a look? It’s good for you to plan your purchases well if you want to stay in trends, or just be inspired by them.

Trends for Men’s Shirt Models

From more simplistic and classic styles to the ode to nostalgia from the 80s to the 90s, Men’s Shirts and t-shirts increasingly stand out as a form of expression of personality, in addition to other more relaxed fashion trends.

Match with modern headphones? Why not? or how about taking advantage of something more sophisticated like burgundy pants? Anyway, we are full of possibilities, but in order not to travel too far in ideas, let’s consider just some of the options below.

Double Standard

Have you ever wanted to combine two types of textures, but got a little bummed about having to wear two layers of clothing to keep it all together? Kick the bucket dude, as one of the expected trends for men’s shirt models is the double pattern styles.

It’s quite simple: the same shirt has two different types of patterns and textures. You could have a shirt that was half plaid and half patterned, for example, and still look really stylish. For those who like a more “DIY” approach, it is a trend to keep an eye on.

Striped Style

Returning to more modern styles, another trend that promises to be popular among men’s shirt styles is striped patterns. Do you know the old MG shirt? It’s like that, but with that more stylish touch and with care in the details.

The trend promises to combine well both with the tightest t-shirts on the body, as well as T-shirts. This one, along with just-fitted pants and a handpicked pair of sneakers to go with the two pieces, will get you in shape for the big events out there. Of course, the black-and-white striped is the most iconic, but there’s no shortage of styles pulled into other patterns.

Fashionable men’s clothing: what is in demand abroad?

When you hit that urge to renew your wardrobe and upgrade your compositions for work, college or weekend programs with friends, it’s common to search for the clothes that are in trend, isn’t it true?

Especially the men’s clothes that are in fashion abroad, because that way you can innovate in looks and be the pioneer among the crowd to use the new trends — and, of course, still guide others to make sure they choose each piece. It was with this in mind that we gathered in this post what men in other countries are thinking about, especially in the old continent, for you to be inspired. Check out!

Fashionable men's clothing
Fashionable men’s clothing


If you are already a fan of longline Casual Shirts, you will surely love this menswear trend: the oversized. That’s because, like the first one, it brings with it an essential characteristic of hip hop clothing and its aspects (graffiti, underground and urban street), which is the differentiated modeling.

This aspect is of paramount importance in these movements due to the need to have maximum freedom of movement in the posterior and lower limbs to skate, graffiti, dance, sing, etc. However, in the case of the oversized, it is not the length that stands out, but the width — which follows the opposite path to the slim fit.

That is, she has an extra size in the shoulder, chest and arms area. But that doesn’t mean that when you wear it, you’ll look like you’re wearing someone else’s clothes — on the contrary! The fit of these garments is only increased by a few centimeters (between 2 and 4) in the areas mentioned above, precisely so that you have maximum mobility in the upper body region.

Satin Fabrics

Another trend in men’s clothing in fashion is satin fabrics — those so common in women’s dresses for graduation parties and debutantes, and which also tend to appear in tuxedos, suits and costumes, especially for weddings.

The big change here consists precisely in taking them out of this almost “exclusivity” of big events and starting to use them in day-to-day compositions for a social event, a happy hour, an evening event or just to go to work. The possibilities are endless!

The main responsible behind this new proposal are nothing more, nothing less than the great Italian brands, such as Dolce&Gabbana, Gucci and Emporio Armani, which, in recent shows for the next spring-summer season, bet heavily on satin in their more different pieces.

Men's Shirt Models
Men’s Shirt Models

Shirts with Prints

Forget plain, stripes and graphics. If these are your references when it comes to shirts with prints, know that fashion has given a new meaning to the term “printed”. In Europe, especially in the United Kingdom, France and Italy, the trend for men’s clothing is to go beyond details and make engravings or illustrations the key point of these pieces.

And make no mistake: it’s not just the shirts, but also the T-shirts and tank tops that have gained new standards. In this way, it is possible to have a personalized and unique look both for going out with friends and having funat a party and in the work environment. But what are the high prints out there?


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