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Sustainable Office Spaces: A Move Towards Eco-friendly Office Spaces

It has become entrepreneurs to adopt the latest trends in their business to stay ahead of their competitors. ‘Sustainability’ is no more limited to being just another trend. Sustainable office spaces are rather the need of the day. The reason is that office-goers and workers are more concerned to protect the environment without losing on their productivity.

Need for Sustainable office space

Hence, ‘sustainability’ can be termed to be the new trend with green workspaces leading the way. Office developers have been trying to offer continuously climate-friendly spaces. These are developed in a manner to offer serene environment to support overall well-being, sustainability and mental health. People and businesses alike have realised the growing need for ensuring a sustainable future.

Factors to consider

Surveys conducted have revealed that the top two factors of concern for occupiers leasing real estate are rent and location. Companies trying to identify a good office space consider ‘sustainability’ to be the major factor. It should benefit them in the future. The fact is that the demand for sustainable office space in Delhi is increasing with each passing day.

Why seek sustainable office spaces?

It is being acknowledged by businesses across the globe that sustainable practices should be adopted at the earliest. It is vital for the company to sustain, expand and grow as well as for the environment as a whole. Sustainable office is sure to provide myriads of benefits that can be enjoyed in the future. It allows intelligent usage of available materials, energy and resources.

Cutting costs

Every company, be it small or big should try to reduce expenses and keep it to the minimum. At the same time, the objective should also be to protect the environment and cause no harm to it. Companies find shared office spaces to be a hub to switch businesses to new normal. Sustainable office spaces help the company to go green, thus reducing energy costs and office supply expenses.

Positive public relations

Every company needs to take responsibility towards protecting the environment as well as the society. They should take initiatives to ensure the world becomes a safe and much better place for every person. The different types of initiatives taken can help the company to get public recognition. Environment sensitive brands are favoured by brands. Hence, choosing sustainable office spaces is sure to help the business to derive that positive effect.

Positive environmental impact

Sustainable work environment helps promote positive environmental effects. It is necessary for companies in all niche industries to be environmentally conscious and support the good cause. Proper efforts should be taken to reduce its carbon footprint. This will help preserve overall environment. Steps that are taken by the company should encourage others to follow suit. This is crucial for the betterment of mankind and to protect the interest of future generations.

How shared office space helps develop sustainable office space?

Shared office space can be converted into sustainable office space by following the below-mentioned ways.

  • Switching to safe renewable energy sources: Businesses should introduce the much needed change desired in its operating strategy. Using renewable energy sources can help achieve the set objectives. Long-term financial gains can be derived by investing in renewable energy sources.
    • Solar energy: This form of energy is gaining immense popularity these days. It enables reduces energy costs. Besides this, with proper energy management, it is possible to curtail unwanted energy usage and also reduce related expenses. Solar energy when used can help increase property value.
    • Offsite green options: There are chances that solar panels might not fit your building. In such a case, you may choose to use sustainable resources such as biofuels or wind to develop energy. However, such programs are said to cost the same similar to regular energy options or even less!
  • Eliminate paper: Today’s digital era has enabled companies to do away with papers. It is now possible to share files through email or store them in secure cloud databases. Adopting such approaches helps prevent deforestation, supports the environment and also save on printing expenses. But still many offices are found to use paper for vital documents like invoices and agendas.
  • Switching onto green-based office supplies: Company’s environmental impact can be reduced considerably with recycled paper. Environmental-friendly options should be promoted in the office instead of standard office supplies. Recycled paper goods like printer paper, paper towels and tissues are a good choice. Similarly, biodegradable cups like water and coffee should be used. Also, should be promoted 100% recyclable binders.

Choose environmental-friendly options

A sustainable office space is one that supports reusing existing materials. This ensures your office supplies are environment-friendly. Used file folders should be kept back inside the supply closet. Motivate employees to practice this aspect. Others may use modified file folder labels and use them for diverse projects. The right approach taken not only promotes a sustainable office space, but also shows that the company really cares for the environment and people.

Implementing proper strategies

Several strategies can be implemented to enhance shared office space sustainability. It is necessary to evaluate the green benefits derived by the company, employees as well as the whole world. Sincere efforts should be taken to increase workplace energy efficiency as well as to reduce wastes. Even a minor step taken in the correct direction can help the company to go miles and increase its market reputation.

Environmental contribution

It can be concluded that an environment-friendly office space can help preserve the overall environment. A sustainable office space also boosts employee morale and motivates them to do better and be part of the environment crusade!

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