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What is the difference between a ‘stationery store’ and an ‘office supply store’?

You may probably have heard the term office stationery and office supplies and interested to know the difference between them as well as the store that sells them. Stationery tends to include all office equipment and supplies. Office supplies are consumable products or items that are regularly used in any office environment to undertake daily work assignments in different departments.

What is stationery?

It refers to writing materials that are commercially manufactured. It includes envelopes, cut paper, continuous form paper, writing implements along with other office supplies. Besides this, materials that are written by equipment like computer printers or by hand like letter paper is part of stationery items. Originally, it refers to those products that a stationer deals in. You do need to stock good quality stationery items for your business.

Selecting wisely

Perhaps, you require some business cards or a wide range of branded items. Whatever be the need, do ensure the stationery items are professional, well-designed and good enough to leave an amazing impression of your company on others. ‘Business stationery’ tends to encompass those branded items that are used typically for representing your company. It includes letterheads, business cards, compliment slips, envelopes, etc.

What should you consider while selecting business stationery?

There are a few things that you need to take into consideration when shopping for business stationery items. It includes stock type, layout and design, order quantity, etc. You should not compromise on the quality aspect for price. Rather, you may choose to order certain desired products from the leading Stationery manufacturers in India in bulk quantities preferably those that are required the most. This way, you can derive huge discounts, thus saving money.

Why stationery is crucial for your new or existing business?

Although offices engage in digital communication these days, professional stationery items still hold great prominence. These form a vital component for business materials. Unlike regular paper piece, customer stationery is stated to be more personal. It reflects clearly the amount of effort put to detail your company. It also allows you to present yourself while showing off your company’s personality.

Simple, but effective

During the selection process, make sure to choose custom stationery that appears professional. Keep it simple and not make it appear too busy. Instead of being a distraction, it needs to act as a subtle addition to the purpose or message. It should also make it easy to find your contact details. Social media handles can be included in the contact info as deemed appropriate. Large logo can be displayed.

Quality paper

Cheap paper might help you save some money. But in the process, your company will be branded as something not serious and also ‘cheap’. Stationery is not meant for day-to-day jotting down of notes. Rather, it is to be saved for times when the need arises to place the best foot forward. High quality paper with some weight and smooth finish is sure to create a better impression.

What are office supplies?

These are termed to be equipment and consumables that businesses use in their offices. What is termed as office supply is likely to vary. Generally, it includes small, expendable consumable products, items, higher cost equipment like computers, small machines, art and furniture piece, etc. They are also divided by product type and general use. There are several office supply products that need to be purchased to ensure smooth operation.

Some office products required

  • Pre-printed forms: It includes tax reporting forms like W-2, 1099, etc., time cards, wall and desk calendars, sticky pads and the like.
  • Blank sheet paper: There are different sizes varying from letter to poster size and small notes. Also are present different thicknesses from 120 pound to tissue paper, inkjet printer and photocopier paper, construction paper, etc.
  • Media: Toner, ink cartridges, flash drives, memory cards.
  • Adhesive paper and labels: File folder labels, name tags, address labels, post-it notes.
  • Paper in reel or roll form: Thermal paper for fax machine, label tape, adding machine tape, etc.
  • Communication equipment: Cell phones, desk telephones VOIP adapters; network switches and routers, Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi\ adapters, etc.
  • Mechanical fasteners: It includes staples, binder clips, paper clips, etc.
  • Entertainment and educational items: Tax, game software and business application, books, desk accessories, etc.
  • Comestibles: Snacks on the move like cookies, coffee, chips, candy, trail mixes, pretzels, etc.
  • Chemical fasteners: Mucilage, glue, transparent tape, duct tape.
  • Merchant supplies: Time clocks, price tags, cash registers, credit card processing devices.
  • Janitorial supplies: Buckets, mops, recycling bins, wastebaskets, air fresheners, soap, brooms, etc.
  • Containers: Envelopes, binders, crates, boxes, folders, shelves, desk organizers.
  • Small machines: Rubber stamps, hole punches, staplers, numbering machines, laminators, pencil sharpeners, etc.
  • Writing utensils, corrections: Pencils, pens, markers, paints, erasers, correction tape, correction fluid, etc.
  • Books and writing pads: Composition books, notebooks, steno pads and legal pads.
  • Office furniture: Cubicles, office chairs, armoire desks, filing cabinets, rugs, anti-static mats, etc.
  • High cost equipment: Printers, computers, photocopiers, fax machines, etc.

Stationery and office supplies

Whether you are trying to establish a new business or operating an existing one, you do need to invest in office stationery and supplies. These are essential items and cannot be neglected or avoided. If you are shopping for the first time and lack idea on what to choose and avoid, then you may consult the industry experts. The professionals can guide you to make the right choice. Doing some research and getting to know their difference will enable you to invest and stock wisely!

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