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Troubleshooting Guide to Fix Not Working Issue

Whether you want to perform Netgear extender setup or want to do some tweaks with the settings of the range extender, all you have to do is access the web URL and fill in the admin info. But, there are times when the user comes across the not working issue. Why does the issue occur and how it can be resolved, this guide reveals everything. Read on.

How to Fix Not Working Issue?

  1. Re-enter the URL

The first reason leading you to the not working issue might be a typing mistake in the web URL. Perhaps, you were not paying enough attention while entering the Netgear extender web address. Well, whatever it was, you should re-enter the web address again. This time without any typing errors. Do not forget to cross-check the URL entrée before pressing Enter on the keyboard.

  1. Check the URL Compatibility

Do you know that URL can only be accessed using a Windows OS computer? Now, you know. It means that if you are using iOS-operated devices, then you are supposed to make use of another web address. This web address is none other than mywifiext.local. Therefore, if you are trying to access the URL on an iOS device, then it is advised to substitute it with the mywifiext.local web address.

  1. Use the Browser’s Address Bar

Another reason that might have dragged you to the not working issue might be the usage of the search bar for the assessment of the web URL. We want to make you aware of the fact that no web address can be accessed with the use of the search box of the web browser. Doing so will only produce ambiguous results on the screen. To successfully access the URL, you are suggested to make use of the address bar only. Once done, see if you are able to make your way to the admin window of your Netgear range extender.

  1. Update the Internet Browser

If following the above-discussed troubleshooting techniques have gone in vain, then it is time that you pay attention to the web browser you are using to access the default URL of the range extender. Is it updated? No? Then, consider updating it to resolve the issue at hand. Additionally, tweak some more settings of the web browser and delete all unnecessary files. Don’t worry! It will prevent the browser from loading a cached version of the admin page of your Netgear device.

  1. Disable Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is known to keep your networking gadgets and hence the entire home network away from viruses and malware. But, are you aware of the fact that they can also be a responsible factor behind the emergence of the not working issue? Well, what we mean is that antivirus software halts access to various networking sites and is not different from them. Therefore, navigate to your computer’s Control Panel and disable antivirus software. Keep it disabled till you get success accessing the default URL of the Netgear range extender.

  1. Reboot Your Netgear Extender

How can we ignore the most common reason behind the occurrence of many Netgear extender issues? Yes, we are talking about technical glitches. Technical glitches are so powerful that they can even paralyze your Netgear extender forever. Before it happens to you, consider rebooting the extender. For this, you do not need to make much effort. Just, switch off the extender, unplug it, re-plug it, and power it up again. However, there should be a healthy amount of time gap between the unplugging and re-plugging of your Netgear extender.

  1. Use the IP Address

Are you still facing the not working issue? Well, why don’t you look for an alternative? Yes, performing Netgear extender login is also possible via the default web address. In this case, you need to access the Netgear extender IP address. FYI, the default IP of most Netgear extenders is However, it may vary according to the latest models. To know about the correct IP of your Netgear device, you can always take the help of the extender’s user guide.

Summing Up

In this post, we learned about various reasons causing the not working issue. We also make you aware of the troubleshooting hacks that need to be followed to fix the problem. Although we are hopeful that these hacks will be able to pull you out of the Netgear extender issue, however, if the issue is still not ready to leave you, reset the extender. It will wipe out every major and minor issue with the extender. But, do not forget to set up the extender again after resetting it.

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