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Why Should You Choose E-Cycles Over Motorbikes?

Living in a big city and worrying about rising fuel prices is a thing of the past. Technology has allowed us to choose electric vehicles over petrol, diesel-run bikes, and cars. Cycles were always a much healthier option for commuting, for yourself and the environment, but the advent of electric cycles has completely changed the game.

If you have contemplated making the switch, here is why you should choose e-cycles over bikes and manual bicycles.

Cost Effective

Electric vehicles have been gaining precedence over fuel-run vehicles in the last decade. E-cycles are cheaper than bigger electric cars and bikes, and are also more economical.

Instead of spending thousands of rupees daily to fill a petrol or diesel tank, you can save considerable money and invest it elsewhere in the long run. The rising fuel prices have affected all countries, and electric vehicles are the only logical solution. An affordable e-cycle battery can provide 30 to 55 Km of range in one charge.

Great for Short Distances

Electric cycles are the best way to commute to and from work in a city. E-cycles are the best for running small errands, leisure cycling, and weaving through congested traffic. Since an e-cycle is still technically a cycle, you can also ride it on sidewalks and cycle lanes to avoid competing with heavy traffic.

The typical speed of a cyclist is 10 to 12 mph. An electric cycle can provide a top speed of 25 km/hr. You can travel faster on an e-cycle than on a manual cycle. Electric cycles are less risky because you can accelerate to avoid obstacles faster and go at higher speeds while keeping up with traffic. They are considered safer than traditional cycles.

Fitness Benefits

It is a misconception that e-cycles are not fitness friendly. They, in fact, help people cycle for longer distances. You have three options while using an e-cycle:

  • Use the throttle to rely completely on the motor.
  • Pedal half the time while also using some motor aid.
  • Pedal the entire time.

The last two options can provide a solid workout. The first option is great for an easy ride home if you are tired on the way back from work.

People who choose to ride e-cycles for workouts are seen cycling longer distances without getting tired. That is a fantastic method to burn calories and get a nice daily workout.

Environment Friendly

Electric cycles are known to be zero-emission vehicles. People who ride e-bikes instead of driving can save their money on petrol and contribute less to pollution. This helps the environment and air quality.

According to various studies, electric bikes are much more environmentally-friendly than electric cars. E-cycles emit 2.5 to 5g of CO2 per kilometre instead of 120g emitted by cars over the same distance. The difference is much more pronounced than buses or cars driven by petrol or diesel. A typical e-cycle consumes only 10% of the energy needed to power a regular vehicle.

Easier to Ride

The motor works as a pedal assist, significantly helping riders. It facilitates a smoother ride while assisting with hills, inclines, and rocky terrain. It minimises stress on joints. Additionally, you can ride an electric gear cycle more powerfully and precisely than on a standard bike.

E-cycles are meant for people who might have stopped cycling due to physical discomfort. You can also ride for extended periods without becoming physically exhausted.


Many people are now making the shift from fuel to electric vehicles. The main reason is the cost-effectiveness as charging a cycle is much more affordable than refuelling a bike daily. An electric cycle also gives adults a chance to ride their childhood companion once again, but with a much cooler, sleeker, and futuristic version of it. E-cycle is an investment worth making. They make city rides more affordable, environment-friendly, easier, and fun.

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