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Key characteristics to look for in CCTV camera systems

Anyone who values security would never want to compromise it. CCTV cameras have thus evolved into a crucial component of security and surveillance systems in any public area or office. Therefore, it becomes crucial that you spend money on a CCTV camera that fulfils all the necessary requirements.


In light of the foregoing, the following are some crucial characteristics you must take into account when purchasing a CCTV camera system:


Wide-Angle and High-Definition Video

A CCTV camera should have high definition and wide-angle footage as one of its primary characteristics. A CCTV camera’s primary function is to record images for later use and review. The entire point of a CCTV camera would be lost if the video quality was subpar. A wide-angle lens on a high-definition camera would allow it to capture a substantially broader field of view in addition to offering great picture quality.


Low-light and night vision cameras


For any CCTV camera, having low-light vision is a crucial requirement. When any crimes or negative situations take place at night, the value of having a CCTV camera with night vision or low light vision becomes evident. No matter how little light there is, night vision cameras will help you capture the image or incident in great detail.


Remote entry

Remote access is yet another essential feature that any CCTV camera must have. Many of the most recent models offer a remote access feature that allows you to view the live video from your smartphone or computer. When you are out of station and can be sure of the safety and security of your premises, this is especially useful. The primary reasons for installing CCTV cameras in the first place are the sense of control and assurance that remote access cameras offer.

Network recovery automatically


Nowadays, the majority of CCTV cameras include a function called Automatic Network Recovery (ANR). As a result, when the network is cut off, the CCTV cameras can immediately store video recordings to the camera’s SD card. Once the network has been restored, the video recordings will be transferred back to the storage server. As a result, even if the network were to briefly fail, all of the video recordings would still be preserved. This procedure doesn’t require a network connection, therefore when the recorder is down, the camera can function entirely independently.

Detection of intrusions

Not to mention, Intrusion Detection is another crucial component to search for in CCTV camera systems. Security cameras’ video analytics feature called intrusion detection. Intrusion detectors monitor a space by seeing motion and inspecting it to record incidents. A simple Smart Detection technique called the Intrusion feature is employed to record break-ins and other criminal activity. CCTV cameras with intrusion detection can be used to monitor a warehouse, a shop, a bank, etc.

These are just a few of the most important characteristics of CCTV cameras to take into account before installing them in your personal or commercial space. For maximum effectiveness, a CCTV camera should be able to perform a variety of functions and modules. It is always preferable to invest in a CCTV camera from a company that values the money you pay and delivers great performance and quality rather than generic CCTV camera systems.

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